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Brought up Jul 13, 2015

Soap Box Time

I have been away from here for a few weeks. Have had many blog entries composed in my head, only to put them off. Today, though, I just can not keep quiet anymore.

My gorgeous little SBD turned a year old. The kid just keeps getting cuter by the day. He now does a little Elivis Pelvis dance that cracks us all up whenever he hears music.

The King reborn?

Or just getting ready for the cast of Magic Mike 2040??

We added a new member to the family 9 days ago. His name is Gizmo, though he will probably think his name is Damnitcatstopthat, in no time.

He's a gray tabby, about 6, 8 weeks old. Spoiled rotten already, of course.

And now, for my soap box time...

I am Southern born and bred. Both my parents were born and raised in the south. I have lived in the north, and out west, but the south is home.

Southerners are raised to respect. We are also taught at a young age to honor our history, and those who came before.

That being said, these days, it seems we are the only ones showing respect for the southern values of family, God, country and history.

I was never much of a flag waver. As a kid, I had a big Rebel Flag on my bedroom wall for a time. I then used it as a table cloth. It was a prized possession.

I don't really recall what happened to that flag, though I have a vague idea of giving it to my brother.

I have been thinking of buying a new one lately.

I am sick to death of what some folks are saying and doing to our time honored symbol of our blood soaked history.

I've written a bit before about the fact that my family has been here for a long time, before the state was a state. I am proud to call myself a Southerner, as well as an American.

The red in my blood is as much from the red clay of the south as from the oxygen I breathe.

I have lived with the idea of 'Live and Let Live' most of my adult life, but now I am hopping mad at those who just can not do the same.

We Southerners are proud of our history. We accept the good and the bad equally.

This new War of Northern Aggression may not be as bloody, yet, but it really is doing some serious damage, but I don't think it is what 'they' are expecting. Instead of dividing us, it is bring us together.

The idea of stripping away reminders of our history, our roots, is just getting to me.

Talk of tearing down monuments that have stood for over 100 years is just down right crazy. Those monuments are symbols of honor and respect, not hate.

I mean, come on people, wake up!

It seems to me that there are better ways of spending our tax dollars. Like maybe educating these dimwits about the true meaning of love, respect and honor.

I feel as if our section of the country is under attack. It's as if someone is either trying to weaken our bonds of love and respect for each other.


They hope to poke the bear hard enough, swat the hive hard enough, to get the southern redneck riled enough, that someone will do something really stupid and give the government cause to 'step in' with marshal law...

Thing is, most of the Confederate Army was composed of redneck farmers who hunted, could pick off a deer, or a Yankee, and disappear into the woods as if they were never there.

The Punk told me that he spent part of his weekend shooting. I wonder how many others did as well...

Poking a bear, or hornet's nest, is a bad idea.

When it comes down to it, I have seen a lot of both black and white southerners showing their pride in the Virginia Battle Flag, as it is truly named, (though we always called it the Rebel Flag when I was a kid) and in our deep historical roots.

Instead of causing the south to tear its self apart on the racial divide, it looks as if the ones attacking us are really tightening our bonds.

After all, we all have that red clay in our veins... and are proud of it.

I think we should all just do as we always have: Dig in our heels and tell the ones attacking to go to hell. Leave us alone.

One stupid kid, who waved the Rebel flag, and burned the American flag, did not speak for any of us when he took those innocent lives.

Quit trying to make us all look like haters.

You will be sorry if you stir up that hornet's nest.

We take Southern and American Pride seriously south of the Mason Dixon Line... We love this country.

Stop trying to tear it apart.

There's enough pain in this world as it is.

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Wee woman » 3 years ago

Preach it sista

I am so sick off all this I'm ready to puke. It's gonna get folks hurt.

Ka Tet » 3 years ago

well said!