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Brought up May 31, 2015

Stalking Morgan Freeman

It's been a week of the usual with a few exceptions.

Work has been hectic as school is out and summer is beginning. Still, often I finish early, shrinking my already pathetic pay.

My grandson, here to fore known as SBD (Short Bald Dude) has been running a temp, teething and sinuses making the little guy miserable. Still, every time I see him, he has a sunny smile.

He is walking and learning so much so fast it makes me dizzy at times trying to wrap my mind around the fact that he will soon be a year old. I have trouble remembering a life with out him in it.

Wednesday, SBD and his mom (SBDM) took me for my yearly mash and flash the doctor seems hell bent on making a part of the rest of my life.

I've made this trip many times over the past almost three years.

We got lost... One wrong turn, and we were in swampland. We kept turning east until we hit the four lanes that go right past the hospital.

Our little darling lightened the mood, entertaining staff and other visitors of the hospital with his new skills of toddling with that big drooly grin.

We went to a favorite pizza joint where yet again the little guy squealed and laughed as he gobbled pizza crust and tossed things about.

We then went to Kmart. While going through the toy section, picking out presents for the little guy's birthday, Morgan Freeman walked by us.

After lots of excited, and I guess loud, chatter that included a quick phone call to my son, we rushed after the poor man.

She insisted she had to get her picture taken with Morgan Freeman. It had to be him!

Remember, Mr Freeman actually does visit Mississippi, according to local legend.

SBDM chattered all during the chase. We almost ran up and down isles in hot pursuit.

We suddenly came face to face to our target.

SBD's mom went completely silent.

It was up to me to ask the guy, "Has anyone ever told you that you look just like Morgan Freeman?"

He was wearing a security guard's uniform for the local Caterpillar plant. He was probably a good 10 years younger than the actor, and probably taller.

Through the man's laughter he said, "I get that all the time."

I continued to babble about how Mr F is rumored to have a house near the area. I joked that maybe they were cousins.

The man was very sweet and kind as we stumbled away, all of us still laughing.

I told SBDM that the man was going to go home and tell his wife, "These two crazy white girls chased me all over Kmart thinking I was Morgan Freeman."

She insisted it was him, just not in his usual make up, probably doing research for a movie.

All in all, Wednesday was the highlight of my May...


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