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Brought up May 25, 2015

Hope, Promise and Sacrifice...

It's been a while.

I've been busy with work, the grand baby, my kids, and the stupid farm. There have been days I could have written, and chose not to for various excuses.


It's been a rainy Memorial Day weekend, though it sounds like the rain might have finally stopped. The birds are chirping anyway, and all I hear is dripping outside.

Yesterday, the Girl Brat told me that a young man we once worked with had been struck by a car and killed.

The guy had moved back to the state where his family was from originally. Here, I know he had been struggling with some issues, ones that got him fired from his job just a few weeks after I started working. For a few seconds, I had to think hard to place him.

It's sad how that happens.

Still, his death, so young and such a waste, has me thinking a lot today.

This day is supposed to be about remembering young men and women who gave their lives for our country.

I am sure some will stop for a minute or two and think, maybe say a little prayer of thanks for those sacrifices.

Most folks, though, will be more concerned about the temp and color of their charcoal, and whether the rain will let up so they can go swimming.

(Why is it they freak out that it's raining when they plan to get wet anyway??)

Instead of a day of prayer, showing respect and honoring those who have given their lives to protect our country, such as it is these days, most are more concerned with getting those first tan lines and if there are enough buns to go with the hotdogs.

Still, I understand a bit. Dwelling on the more gloomy aspect of the day is just not in the general make up of folks today.

Around our town especially, it is the official kick off of summer.

School ended this past week, Friday was graduation for the seniors.

My nephew did his walk across the stage and one last look as he heads out into the world officially an adult.

Seeing all those bright shining faces, so eager to take on the world made me smile. Like my sister, though, who fought tears as she watched her son preparing to begin the next phase of his life, it made me a little sad.

She said, "He's all grown up now."

That simple statement carries a lot of weight that every parent understands.

She can no longer really protect him from the adult world.

As much as we would like to keep them little and safe, we all have to face letting them go to make their own way eventually.

As every parent since the beginning of the human race has had to after all.

We have to let them go, and pray we have given them the skills needed to lead healthy, happy lives.

On this day, as we should be honoring those who served our country and died preserving our rights of , ", liberty and the pursuit of happiness..." I will be thinking of those young lives, so full of hope and promise. I will be thinking of those lives that ended so young, many before they really lived.

I will also be thinking of those that are still with us, so full of hope and promise of full, happy lives.

I will be praying they get the chance to one day watch their own child going off to face the world with a smile of hope.

So much for the tans and hotdogs...

I think it's raining again. Somehow, it seems fitting...


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