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Brought up May 3, 2015

Beginnings and Endings continued.

Yesterday, once again, I stood in a cemetery.

A few of the faces were the same, especially one of the chief mourners.

My great aunt said good bye to her brother two weeks ago; yesterday, her husband.

This time, how ever, it was someone I have known most of my life, though he and my aunt married only about 15 years ago.

And yet, I really didn't know him all that well.

He was my first stepfather's cousin.

I actually spoke with the fella more in the past year and a half than I can recall talking with him the whole of the time I have known him.

He was part of a group of retired gentlemen that gather where I work. They sit around, drink coffee, maybe have breakfast, and talk.

Yesterday, a few of them were at the store in the morning, and at the church, then the cemetery later.

These guys call themselves The Do Nothing Club.

They have all earned the right to Do Nothing, as I see it.

Yesterday, their smiles and laughter were gentle or gone during the preacher's talking of their friend. Their faces were so sad as they help move the casket to the grave.

I made it through the two songs, at the church, that are favorites at funerals around here, though I blinked hard. Some songs bring tears to my eyes no matter the situation.

It was the ceremony of the flag, and Taps ringing out into the silence that did me in at the cemetery.

My uncle/cousin was a Navy Veteran.

I'm sure I will catch myself watching for him from time to time, wanting to see his shy little smile. I will miss those quick little chats of how's it going and what's everyone up to?

I talked to another cousin later, who missed the funeral, She said that it seemed funerals were the only time we get together anymore.

It struck me as incredibly sad.

We are making plans to change that.

Life is indeed too short to let time pass without spending some of it with our loved ones.

With that in mind, I talked my bunch into going to the national military park near by, for a few hours today.

Don't tell her, but it was actually fun shopping for the provisions with the girl brat. She tends to get a bit bossy, but I always get a laugh or two when she 'takes charge.'

We had a picnic that was sort of overrun by a sudden surge of folks that blocked us in as we ate. They seemed a nice bunch, but it was just too crowded. We ate quickly.

We went to the park proper and walked around, through the part lined with graves of the Yankee soldiers, down to the river.

My old bones suddenly decided to prove that my big rear was far more out of shape than I'd like to admit, but I made it, with a few rests along the way,

I watched my son run, chasing his girl and their son in his stroller, up the hill I was huffing and puffing to climb.

I couldn't help but chuckle to myself.

Little moments like that are worth it all.

It was a good start to trying to spend time with my kids, all grown up as they are, and the little guy that has stolen my heart.

Driving out of the park, I told my husband that was the sort of thing we need to do more often.

I want my grandson and my kids to have sweet, fun memories when I am the one to whom they are saying a final good bye.

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weewoman » 3 years ago

I know what you mean. I want my grandkids to sit around and laugh at how much fun Nanna was. My children have great stories and fond memories of my mother that they cherish and share. I want my grandchildren remembering the times we chased lightening bugs, played cars, cheering them on at ball games. I want them to remember me as laughing....always

Fae » 3 years ago

Two things: We often heart that statement when my family comes together for a funeral; "Let's not let these sad occasions be the only time we get together". Agreement all around. Then....another funeral. Second thing: Yes, I want my family to have many

good memories of me when it's my turn to leave. Which means I've got work to do.