How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Apr 5, 2015


I know, twice in one day!

It has been a wonderful day.

we had a lovely meal with the little family from Arkansas who told us all about how much better it is there than here. Yes, our little town has nothing in the form of entertainment, decent work situations, or futures for young folks. The girl brat said she felt like they were trying to convert her.

We went for ice cream, just the two of us after, and I told her that I would support her if she decided to move. It would be gut wrenching for me, but I want her to have the things she wants in life. Yes, I got teary eyed as I said it, but I want the best for her. I want her to have what I never had.

She scolded me for getting all emotional, and said she isn't going anywhere til she finishes school, if then. And if she did, she was taking me with her. Crazy kid.

We went purse shopping, for only the second time in her adulthood. The first time didn't take, but this time, I think she is finally joining the female purse carrying league. If they still have it tomorrow, I may go get the one similar to the one she bought. I told her if she stopped carrying it, I was taking hers anyway.

We also had fun trying on shoes, ugly but comfy ones as well as a few not so comfy, but equally ugly. I just may have to get a pair of those, too, depending on what the pay check looks like tomorrow!

Girl brat also bought me a purple shirt, to add to about 10 others I have. I admired it, but didn't expect her to buy it. Okay, I got all teary there, too. I guess the kid really does like me a little.

We then went to hang with the rest of the brats, give the grand brat his pail and dogbunny. His mommy's brother, his wife, and their two little ones were there. Three little ones under about three years... Yeah, after a bit, it was too much for me, but to be honest, the GB was the noisiest.

They were all heading over to the aunt's house, for my boy brat to work on his car... Six young'uns... 4 under 3... No way. I had to do laundry anyway...

They took my girl brat with them. Now, a little time alone. I need it.

The boy brat is now outside here, getting his motor off the porch where it has set for over a year. I hope once it is in his car, again, it will finally stay there. He seems to enjoy yanking it out every few years, then belly aching that his car isn't running...

So, I have the washer going, Steel Magnolias (bit of Easter theme mixed in the sad stuff) and online here. I plan to bounce over to the farm, play a bit while the washer does it's thing, then go dry stuff. I'd almost kill for my own dryer these days, but, as usual, anything I want has to wait.

Don't get me started on that one.

So, for the first time in many years, it's been a good holiday.

Gummy, one toothed grins, squeals and hair pulling... Who knew such could make a holiday happy?

Oh, and being there to see the GB take three steps, unaided, all on his own.

That was the real clincher...


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