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Brought up Apr 5, 2015

Random Thoughts

Well, first, a shout out to my new fan, Fae. Thanks for Reading! I hope you join my few but faithful and continue. And thanks for your comments. And thanks to all those who take a little time to read the mad things that may come out of my keyboard here...

Easter, for me, has always been like New Years: A time of renewal.

It's spring. The earth is waking from it's winter slumber, trees putting on their new garments, my roses covered in red leaves and the promise of glorious blooms.

I even 'stole' a bouquet of butter cups, daffodils for the non southern hillbillies, from the vacant lot next door.

With the waking of all things so delicate and lovely, comes the storms of spring as well. Outside, as well as inside.

Still, I am praying for a renewal or two of my own as well, and fewer storms.

So, with that in mind, I am starting spring with a few random thoughts, an attempt to keep a promise to myself, and write more often.

Let's see, what is lurking in the cobwebs...

I did some last minute Easter shopping last night. I used to get my brats a little gift or two for Easter, along with the chocolate and Peeps, just a little something lasting to celebrate the coming of Christ from the dead, and the waking of the world with Him.

This year, funds didn't allow me to do what I wanted.

I did, however, get a few chocolate bunnies, some Peeps, and small token gifts for my wonderful little grand brat.

I never thought someone else's smelly, pooping, yelling kid would have me in such a state.

I am in complete, total awe of that little guy. And so in love, it pales in comparison with any feelings I have ever known. Just writing that made my eyes prickle and tear up.

The kid has me completely in his control.

I would give him any little thing he asked for, do anything he might want, fall down on my knees at his feet if he commanded. Okay, maybe not quite that far, but you get the idea.

I watched the little booger the other night, and though he pulled his usual, "Where's my mommy??" roaming and crying, after 30 minutes of being spell bound by Hotel Transylvania, it was precious time for me.

Cuddling his small, growing, sleeping form, smelling his breath, his hair, watching little movements on his face... There really is nothing like it ever in my life before, except my own young'uns.

But, as I have told both of them, with the GB, it is just so different, and more.

I did say random thoughts, right?

I have been, of late, trying to figure out why I am so attached to my one life threatening habit. The demon tobacco.

It really isn't a so much a physical addiction, I could be wrong there, but more my emotional crutch.

I really want it gone.

I want to spend what ever years God blesses me with playing with the GB, not hacking up bits of lung, and wheezing my last breaths.

And yet, here I sit, pecking away, with a cig between my fingers. (and cursing the way they go out so easily these days if not puffed on regularly)

A girl that I worked with when I first started working again, who moved away, is back in town for the weekend. I wish I could say it is for Easter, and fun family time, but it isn't. She is here for the funeral of her best friend, her sister of the heart, who lost an 8 year battle with cancer this past week.

I was fond of the girl before I started working with her, and grew more so as I got to know her more. She and her husband showed up unexpectedly at work yesterday, and I just had to shove off my gloves and almost run to hug her.

The fact that she hugged me back just as hard, and I was the first to let go, warmed my heart, and of course had me blinking hard.

The girl brat and I are having 'breakfast, lunch, or something' according to the girl brat, later today. I am so glad to get that little time with her, and her darling little girl, (and I guess the husband, though it's gonna be hard dealing with a male in an otherwise all gal get together)

My BFF, the Wee Woman, had a few set backs after her surgery. I hate to bug her with calls, though I am constantly thinking of her and sending her prayers for healing. Her body seems to dislike being sewn together with foreign material, and keeps trying to reject the stitches. Hopefully she can get the drainage tubes out, finally, this week. (I think)

Okay, the eyes are telling me it's really time for a trip to the eye doc, as it's getting hard to see the screen here most days with out a squint or scowl, so I guess I'll close for now.

I really do hope to try and write more often, either here, or working on my stories.

As one of my favorites on FB, Julian Lennon, who lost his mother this week, always says on his page, "See you on the flip side..."



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