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Brought up Mar 22, 2015

Sharing Isn't Always a Good Thing

I love it when my girl brat shares with me: her time, her Girl Scout cookies...

She could have kept what she shared with me this week, though.

All this past few weeks, I have been hacking and sneezing first thing in the morning. The constant weather upheavals have had my sinuses going just as bipolar.

So yesterday, as I got ready for work, planning to enjoy my two days off, I ignored the little voice in my head that said the tickle in my throat was not sinus caused. I grabbed a fistful of cough drops, some tissues I had bought for the girl brat, whose nose has been rubbed sore, stuffed them in my pockets and headed out.

It got worse as I rushed to get all my work done so I could get home.

By the time I was out the door, I knew it was not sinuses.

The girl brat had shared her cold with me.

This, she coulda kept.

Too bad she can't be bothered to jump and fetch for me as I have this past week. She could at least not rub it in my face that she can actually sleep and is breathing easier with out the snore she's had this week.

I spent the rest of the day watching the clock so as to grab the 'Tussin as soon as it was time, slept, and wished for a swift end, any end.

There was a tiny bit of relief when the GB and I went for Chinese food. I soaked everything in their version of Wasabi, and ate a bowl of hot and spicy soup. The noodles, spring rolls, etc, all tasted funny, thanks to everything being 'broken' according to GB, who is on the mend.

As she took Micah, my trusty but still slightly ailing steed, to cut and color someone's hair, I came home, drank some okay cappo she got me when we stopped by her work place for a mo and continued to beg the good Lord for this mess to go away... and fearing it might be the final end as my head, shoulders and neck hurt like someone beat me with a brick stick.

I sneezed, coughed, and blew all night between tiny fits of sleep.

At 7, I finally gave up, got up, and drove to Wally World for more supplies.

The severe cold and cough medicine, combined with the ibuprofen,has eased the feeling that my head just might have been hit by a mack truck in my sleep.

I can smell the coffee finished brewing in the kitchen. I guess I will have to go get a cup, and settle in for a day of continued begging this crap is over soon.

No one's gonna drop all and go get me anything anyway.

I look forward to my days in a nursing home. At least then maybe someone will take care of ME when I'm sick then...

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Fae » 3 years ago

Very nice of your girl brat to share her girl scout cookies-Yum-and although I'm sure she didn't mean to share her cold--it happens. Glad she's better, and glad you can at least smell the coffee. I hope you're all better by now. This is one of those nights when I stayed up all night long-on Facebook mostly, reading my novel and snacking some. So when I'm catching up on my sleep today, I hope there's no dreaming of being beaten with a brick stick or run over by a mack truck.