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Brought up Nov 14, 2015

Don't Tell Me What to Do...

I have a problem with authority.

Wait, let me rephrase that.

I have a problem with people who THINK they are authority figures.

I could go on for hours about that.

I.E. I am pro choice, not pro abortion. If a woman can come to terms with the decision, it's her business, not the government or anyone who is not actually, physically connected to the situation. If she can live with the idea of killing her baby, that's her business... It's between her and who ever she believes she will answer to in the future.

Not my business, nor anyone elses.

I feel the same way about most things.

Sure, I believe in some authority, and respect it.

I believe in God, and figure I answer to Him if I go against Him.

I still see my mother as an authority, to an extent.

After all, I am over 21, and allowed by law to do most anything that doesn't break the law or hurt anyone. Yet, I respect my mom enough to try and not go against her beliefs in her face.

When I smoked, I'd never think to light up in her house, and for a long time didn't smoke in front of her.

Anyway, like I said, my real problem is with people who try to tell me what ti do with no real authority over me or the situations.

This week, I had my last showdown with the Farm Nazi.

Okay, for anyone not having read previous posts on that, I play Farmville 2. I have actually played it since the first months that it appeared on Facebook. I love the game, and have met some really fun folks through it.

I also have met some childish, immature folk who take the GAME way too seriously.

I usually choose to ignore the dramas that ensue through their behavior.

Unfortunately, a few years back, the game makers decided to add this damned coop crap to the game.

The coop is supposed to be a group of players that help each other in the game.

I found a really cool group at the beginning. I thought it was going well, as did other members.

Then those who started the coop decided to merge with this other group.

Enter, the Farm Nazi.

The woman who started the other group was suddenly 'in charge' of the whole new coop.

And loves telling everyone what they can and cannot do in the game.

I tried to distance myself from as much of her crap as I could. They even have a message stream for the group. Most of the time it's just a certain group within the group that talks about stuff that has nothing to do with the game at all.

So, I very rarely even looked at the messages, even went so far as to mute it, so I didn't have to even see it.

After all, I actually have friends I talk to, and was not interested in who knew whom when, or who was doing what with whom.

Don't get me wrong, I have some really sweet, wonderful cyber friends as well, but after a few times of trying to figure out what all that stuff had to do with the game, I just had no patience with it all.

The FN started private messaging me about a year ago. I told her then that I was not interested in strangers' gossip, and just wanted to play the damned game.

It went okay for a little while.

Then, I started getting snide little messages from her. I replied as politely as I could, and let it go.

I have been having issues with my computer, which is starting to wear out, and my internet connection, which is about as reliable as a hamster on it's wheel for speed. The connection drops frequently for the game, freezing up and taking for ever. Things I used to be able to do in minutes have started taking hours. Literally.

Part of the problem, too, is Facebook it's self.

Anyway, like I said, I have been in this group for years.

Last week, the FN took offense to a small comment I made to one of her snide little messages.

This week, FN decided to ask me to leave the group.

She even took a vote, while I was at work, and not online to defend myself.

Those who voted to throw me out were newbees.

They didn't know the entire situation, and according to one friend, were just kissing ass.

When I logged on after a long, hard day of work, There was the FN message asking me to leave the group 'until your issues are resolved.'

What a load of bull.

I glanced at a few of the group comments, and basically told her to stick it.

Actually, my last comment to her was "Bite me."

I deleted the group messages, deleted the FN message stream, took myself out of the group, and deleted a few of the A holes from my friends' list.

I heard that at least 2 others left the group in protest.

That warmed my heart a tad.

Still, IT IS A DAMNED G-A-M-E, people!!!

I posted that I was shopping for a new coop, and had 2 offers in 5 minutes of my post.

I tried to join the first one, but had trouble sorting through all the ones with the same name.

On the game, when I opened my coop stand, I had 5 or 6 invites from one group.

I accepted.

I just hope the group doesn't have someone in charge of it that starts trying to tell me what to do on my own damned game.

I will be out so fast that my hamster will be blown of the damned wheel before they even know I was there.

Man, what a lousy time for the Punk to have been off on vacation! I had to deal with the FN on my own with out his steady, calming voice telling me to not stoop to the FN's level.

Yeah, the 'Bite me' was a little childish...

Anyway, I deal with enough childish mini Nazis that have no right to tell anyone what to do as it is in my real life. I certainly do not need some woman in another country, that I have never met, will probably never meet, who doesn't even have an actual picture of herself on her page, telling me what to do!!!

Yea, go ahead, laugh it up. It really is funny.

Sad that some people have such small minds, and small lives.


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