How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Oct 30, 2015

Senior Moments....

I lost my daughter's car today.

Now, in my defense, do you have any idea how many little silver hatch backs there are out there?

See, Micah, my trusty steed, may be on his last legs. we will find out this weekend if he can be saved. Since Monday night, he has been a one ton paperweight in the drive way.

So, this week, I have had to rely on the kindness of my co workers to get to work, and the girl brat to get home, and run any errands I need to run.

After about a 30 minute yelling match on being dependable, long story, and lots of venting frustrations, I borrowed the GB's little silver hatchback.

I wet to Walmart, to pick up a few things, and some cash to pay bills.

As I was about to pull into a parking spot, real close to the door, so my poor knees would not be too overtaxed, this Pennsylvania Yahoo in a big black pickup whipped int my spot.

I would have made a sailor blush at the language that poured out of my mouth.

In my anger, I whipped into the first parking spot I came to, and parked.

I went inside, chatting with a co worker who also works at Walmart, as she was leaving, and then went about my 'quick trip.'

I picked up exactly 3 things.

I licked out in finding a register with just one other customer, in a 20 or less register.

This little old lady took 5 minutes sorting out exact change, and failed.

Finally, as I am about to put my 3 little items on the counter, a lady tells the cashier that she wants to count her register...

I guess she saw my face, as they checked me out first.

And then, I go out into the parking lot... and lost the car.

I was walking around, feeling like a complete idiot, clicking the lock thing, the alarm thing, shaking my head, and swearing under my breath.

I ran into one of our shift managers, a very tall young man that graduated with my GB. He helped me look for the car. No dice.

As we were looking, another co worker appeared.

She helped us look, too.

Still, no audible alarm, no flashing lights on any of the 10 million little silver cars around the damned place.

Finally, they both abandoned me, and I continued to look, getting angry and feeling more stupid with every step.

And then, two whole isles, in the opposite direction where we were searching, I caught a blinking tail light.

And, the weakest, sissiest little freaking beep of a damned alarm.

I unlocked the the blasted thing, got in, went to run another quick errand, and came home.

I know those two co workers will be laughing their heads off at me, telling everyone how I lost the car.

Might as well tell it myself, huh?


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