How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Dec 21, 2014

Those Last Steps...

Yesterday morning, way before dawn, my son took that last step into adulthood, one many of us fear, avoid, and postpone as long as possible. I took mine at 17. My son, for the first time in his life, went somewhere, far from home and all he knows, all alone, where he knows no one. He just turned 27 a couple of weeks ago.

Tomorrow, the Boy Brat has a job interview in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It shouldn't mean moving, as it's for the railroad, and we all know there are train tracks all over the place here in the south.

His lady's uncle works for this company, I believe. The BB filled out an application online, took a test he passed with flying colors, apparently. He was told passing the test doesn't necessarily get one an interview. That he did is a very good sign.

Since I had to work, I missed the opportunity to sob as 'my baby' headed out into the world all on his own, facing the unknown. Thank the Good Lord for that bit of relief on his part, since he was already "scared s***less" and didn't need Mommy blubbering. He had his sister, his son, and his lady. That was enough. (Okay, it broke my heart not to be there)

So far, it has been an adventure for him.

First, as he was not a 'priority' passenger, he couldn't get on his connection in St. Louis, as the bus was over booked. I guess other passengers raised hell, because after a couple of hours a bus was produced, the one that had brought him to SL, not even cleaned yet, and off he headed to Denver, via K. C.

He didn't get to Denver in time for his connection there, but that was okay. It was cancelled due to snow. So there he sits, at this moment. The next bus doesn't come til midnight.

Not to worry. His lady had the idea of checking Craig's List for Ride Shares. He found a guy that does this trip all the time, 100+ miles from Denver to Cheyenne, for $100.

Last we talked to him, as we, me, his lady, his sister and his son, had a late lunch, he was waiting, exhausted. Hopefully in a couple of hours, he will be in his motel room, and be able to sleep in peace.

I am hoping he is taking pictures to document this foray out into the real world.

Most of all, though, I hope the poor kid gets this job, after all he has gone through to get to this third leg of their hiring process.

Cross your fingers, say a prayer, do a Good Luck dance, what ever is your preference, that the BB's time, money, his lady's family's money, and stress is not just thrown out the window of a Greyhound...


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