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Brought up Sep 14, 2014

Things That Make Me Go 'Huh?'

Lists are fun to do on here. Not only does the reader learn odd facts about the writer, the writer sometimes learns about him/herself as well. So, here's a few of those things that hit me in odd ways...

1) For some reason, I love Latin flavored music. I adored Los Lonely Boys when they first hit the local airwaves. Gloria Estefan and Selena just make me wanna jump up and dance, though not in public as I am a crappy dancer. Carlos Santana really gets my blood pumping, but I have a thing for guitar music anyway.

2) I recently ordered, and got yesterday, some things from Donny Osmond's online store. Hey, I am scratching my head on that one, too.

3) I like things precise. When I am driving and make a left hand turn, I actually get ticked off at myself if the car touches that middle line. I want the car dead center of the lane I turn into. Same at work. I want everything just so. If it's worth doing at all, it's worth doing well, or not at all.

4) Here's a real 'huh?' thing: People who don't treat me like I treat them. I try my best to be kind and respectful, no matter who I am dealing with, and when I get treated with less, it seriously disappoints me. I don't get why folks treat others like dirt. I don't tolerate being used for any reason. If I volunteer my time, money, what ever, that's one thing, but when someone pulls that whole "I need help" thing repeatedly with out showing any effort to change their ways, it bugs the crap out of me. I spent a lot of my life being a doormat thinking that those that walked on me 'liked' me. This past year or so, I have been looking at that with brows raised... "Huh?" No more, baby! No more.

5) On the same vein as 4, I can't fathom phony people. I usually see through the folks that act one way with some, and completely different with others, but I do get surprised now and then, and go, 'Huh?' I see no reason to pretend to be something I'm not, though sometimes, as I have written before, what some people see is only part of me. There's a difference there.

6) I have been learning to meditate lately. I tried it in college, but gave up after a few months because I didn't think it was getting me anywhere. Now, I am actually working on being mindful first. I even have a site for beginners pinned on my computer's shortcuts. Maybe I was a hippie in another universe.

7) My brother's way of showing affection is to bop me and our sister on the head as he walks by. WTH?? I'm a hugger. He actually chewed me out for wanting to hug him, so now I just bop him on the head, too.

8) I chew the skin off the top most edge of my nails. I know, right? I think it started when I stopped biting my nails.Mt son does it, too, but he goes as far as chewing his cuticles. I also chew the inside of my cheek as does my sister. We get that from our mom. Odd habit.

9) I can't sing. I watched my grandson last night, and he is teething, so he was fussy. I started singing to him, and he calmed down. I guess he decided the noise I was making trumped his.

Last one, I promise.

10) Have you ever read over some list someone has put together and thought, "This person has too much time on their hands," scratching your head? LOL!!! I just WROTE a list and, after reading it, thought the same thing! Oh, well, it was fun anyway...



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