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Brought up Mar 15, 2015

What Makes You You?

I have hesitated to share what's been on my mind this week, because a lot of it isn't really my story to tell. Still, I think the BFF will not mind, I hope anyway.

What makes a person who they are?

My opinion is, this body is just my transport through the journey we call life. It isn't me, who I am. It is only a vessel that carries me around.

We are all so much more than that.

If you've read the comments over the years, you know the Wee Woman is one of my biggest cheerleaders, my rock in the storms of life. The Wee Woman with a heart as big as the universe.

This past Wednesday, March 11, the WW had a surgery that would have torn a weaker woman's heart to shreds. It has had me thinking a lot.

When I had my own cancer, and surgery, I expected to have the femaleness of me vanish. After all, they were tearing from my body the part of me that had triggered those changes at puberty that signaled my evolution from girl to woman. They scooped out the organs that created and carried my children, all as a means to give me more years of life.

Here it is 2 years later, and I feel no different than I did before the surgery, apart from the damned hot flashes that still hit from time to time with little or no warning.

I am still me, crying over the slightest sweet gesture, cute little animals, babies. I still have my emotions, good and bad, that make me who I have always been. I still worry over my hair, my nails, grouse about my weight. I am still me.

There is no sign apart from the faint scar that goes from about 3 inches above my belly button, around it, and about 3 inches below it. (With a belly like mine, that is still pretty long).

As a young woman, I always envied the WW's figure. Man, talk about blooming and blossoming into a gorgeous woman!

Where I was mediocre the WW was spectacular. Where I 'bloomed' I immediately drooped. WW's 'blooming' stood proud. That was a bit depressing, intimidating, to say the least. She was WOMAN, hear her ROAR!

I think every girl, and woman for that matter, who feels cheated in that department, has had a bit of boob envy at one time or another.

The WW sent me a pic she quickly snapped in her hospital room, with the text, "This is me."

No, it isn't.

Yes, those magnificent, gorgeous objects of male admiration, and female envy are gone.

But, that is not what makes the WW who she is.

The Wee Woman is still the glorious creature that walked into my life at the age of 9 and became the sister I didn't have, at the time. She is still that feisty, vibrant, lovely being that could rock the boys off their feet with a glance. She is still the warrior goddess that can tear through all one's doubts and fears to get to the true heart of a problem, then rip it to shreds with her wisdom and velvet gloves.

(She joked that once they do her reconstruction, she will never need to wear a bra again. Hum, must be nice! Man, there I go being envious of her, yet again! )

Her body is not her.

With no hair, no boobs, and yet more battle scars, she is still who she has always been:

Bill to my Ted, Thelma to my Louise, Shirley to my Laverne, Ethel to my Lucy, Silent Bob to my Jay, Dale to my Chip, Barney to my Fred, the Daphne to my Velma, Frick to my Frack.

She is still the Wee Woman that can reduce anyone to pile of shivering dust with a flick of her eye, then make them like it.

She is WOMAN!!

I can not wait for the world to hear her ROAR again.

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Fae » 3 years ago

Sounds like wee woman is on the mend. I'm glad.

wee woman » 3 years ago

I am blushing and gushing.... I love you so much girl. Right now it's more like a kitten meowing. Sherman and Amber might say diffrent. Don't listen to them...they

My roar will be back soon

huge fan » 3 years ago

YES! Amen! She is still all that and much more! This is a wonderful living tribute, as they should be, to a great friend and a loving person. Well said!

cuz » 3 years ago

God bless the Wee Woman! Roar lady roar! Kandy this is one of my favorites.