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Brought up Feb 28, 2015

Why It's Been So Long

The Punk gently reminded me the other day that it's been a while since I wrote. Yeah, I knew that. And, as usual, I have the usual excuse: Too many ideas,

Pathetic excuse, I know, but as I have told him more than once, my mind is like a ball of mixed up yarn. One has only to tug on a loose string and I will give my own, probably out of whack, opinion.

(More than once this week he has asked, "So, what's on your mind?" To which I wanted to scream as I type, "Freakin' pick one and pull!")

Anyway, in that frame of mind, I have decided to rant a bit about a few things on my mind. Let's pull a few strings from the ball and see what evolves, shall we?

Part of my problem is that I have gotten sucked into playing a stupid, idiotic game on FB.

Yeah, we all play the games, no big deal, right?

The one I play, I have fiddled with from about 4 months since it joined the FB bunch of mindless time wasters.

So, we are looking at about 3 years, give or take.

It was fun for the first 2 and 1/2 years. I bopped about with this little person pretending to be me, feeding critters and planting crops to gain points. I was slow, but refused to spend real cash to speed up the process. I didn't know the tricks to leveling up with out real money.

But, I was entertained, and it was no big deal, right?

Enter the level up group.

Suddenly, thanks to a friend who is way too obsessed with the flippin' game anyway, I got talked into this level up group. I was expected to visit other farms, which I rarely did before, and several times a week.

Sure, I started getting more points, help with the tasks, and it was kind of fun at the beginning,

Enter the Farm Nazi.

One of the 'admins' of the group is a real bully. She actually chewed me out for doing too many tasks for my own benefit.

Given that my internet server is a Vampire with a capital V (hint) i.e. lousy service for huge price, and stuck in a contract that just keeps getting extended thanks to butts who just have to have the newest, coolest whiz bangs for a PHONE, my farm crashes at least 6 times an hour.

Heaven help if I try to go visiting!

So, first, I got demoted to a group where visiting farms was cut to only once or twice a week. Okay, I can deal, right?

Oh, did I mention that suddenly the game builders have started throwing out more tasks than one person could actually do in hopes of bullying folks to spend real cash??

For some reason known only to the game builders, they decide to toss in this group thing in the game it's self. (The leveling group is not controlled by the builders) So, now, not only do I have to deal with the FN in the latest leveling group, (yep, demoted to yet another group for lack of visits, but lots of other help) she's in the game sanctioned group, too.

She jumps folks' butts for doing too many orders, not doing enough, for having too many decorations... the list would go on if it were not so silly. The latest was, I got smacked on the nose for not participating in the group chat.

Now, if I wanted to hear how this one and that one knew a third one 10 years ago in some flippin' back water in Montana, sure, I'd join in. Most of the chat has nothing to do with the game, but apparently the admins seem to find out if you have muted the chat.

Go figure.

But what really gets to me are the ones who take the game so seriously, like the FN, and a few others who gripe and whine about this and that. And in the middle of someone's airing their frustrations, some idiot will say, "It's just a game."

Nah, really??

Gee, I thought my little retard of a person on there was really planting and raising animals to feed that imaginary family she has now, and the nearby towns that the coop is supposed to be supplying.

All the while doing some little running in place instead of going where I try to aim her, or making mud angels where there was no snow when that was part of the tasks. Oh, and let's not forget the time she decided to be invisible while fishing or how she runs all the way around the farm to get to something that was right next to her to start with.

Most of us realize it's just a game, one that seems to have overwhelmed it's fences, technologically speaking, because of the number of folks playing, and the more complicated tasks they keep adding without updating their software, is my guess.

The other night, as I added my one little comment of how I was frustrated at the huge number of resources the latest tasks are sucking up, the FN, who complains more than anyone I have ever seen in the games, actually said to me, "It's just a game."

Hell, if I could, I'd have hopped a plane and gone find the chick and banged her over the head with her keyboard.

Instead, I just sat here, shaking my head, and muttering, "No shit, lady. We've been telling YOU that for weeks now."

Anyway, that is just one of the strings that could be pulled from my tangle of thoughts.

I promise I will write more, Punk. Saves you from being the only one to sit there shaking YOUR head and chuckling over what ever idiotic thing might be lurking about in the tangle, right?

If anyone gets offended by this, just remember, IT'S JUST A BLOG!!



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cuz » 3 years ago

I know the game well. I have quit playing because of the co-op groups, way to many task it just wasent fun any more. Games are suspost to be fun not stressful.W76

tha punk » 3 years ago

I am laughing out loud! I never knew quite what you meant about the FN til now - what a nut case. Thanks for the blog. Keep pulling em out!