How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Apr 14, 2014

More Adventures With a 21 Year Old...

I have been spending a lot of time with the girl brat lately. We work at the same place, but rarely the same hours. We have, of late, been finding time to just hang, have meals, and clown around.

I guess, with the boy having moved out, a life of his own that rarely touches ours, we have discovered we like each other as people, not just the whole parent/child thing.

It's like the girl is going out of her way these days to allow me a place in her realm. She holds court no matter where we are. People just stop her and say hi, sometimes chat a bit. I just smile. My kid. Gotta love her.

We went shopping after we got paid the other night. The girl insisted on paying for my items. She said it's time someone took care of me, spoiled me a little. It was so humbling when she said that I had spent thousands on her over the years. I told her, that's my job. I am the mom after all.

The girl brat said it was time she returned the favor.

Tonight, we went grocery shopping for dinner. I bought, she prepared. Okay, it was mostly just nuking and putting it on the plates, but still, once more, taking care of mom. Tables turned.

She even made coffee, just the way I like it, and brought my favorite mug to me.

It just really touches my heart that she feels a need to do for me.

I guess the girl did appreciate, and pay attention to the sacrifices I made to stay home and raise her and her brother instead of babysitters.

I am making sure she realizes that, though appreciated, repayment is not necessary.

After all, it really was my job. I am, STILL, the mom, after all.

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wee woman » 4 years ago

sometimes our spawns can act like complete asses... but it all boils down to those three little words. I love you