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Brought up Apr 27, 2014


I have had many 'addictions' and obsessions in my life. My latest, I blame on the Punk.

The Punk scarfs down books. He nourishes his brain with both paper and audio books. He said one day that this year may see him having read around 90 books. Wild, right? I thought he was nuts, to predict such a number. Now, I may have to eat those words. In two weeks, I have myself discovered that I might match his last year's number of 50+.

The Punk is to blame. He introduced me to LibriVox.

See, LibriVox is a free audiobook source. It's online service is provided by volunteer readers, and all the books have had their copyright's expired, making them 'public domain.'

Last month, I think, I first tried to download a book, but whether it was my computer, the wifi I used, or the source it's self, I got a 'corrupted file' and almost gave up before I started. Then, I tried again, and downloaded Call of the Wild. And so my newest obsessive addiction began.

About two weeks ago, more or less, the Punk taught me how to bypass my computer, and the b s of downloading to my MP3, and put such onto my phone. Much easier, not having to lug my laptop to a free wifi source. Any place with wifi now can be my source of obtaining yet more of the wonderful classics I have longed to read, but have had trouble with the archaic language.

I have in the past two weeks or so become so wrapped up in my latest finds, that days go by with the television staying black and cold.

We started with Poe, and the Punk and I discussed the Rue Morgue. Six Creepy Stories was wonderful as well.

Though I have read Dickens on paper, and seen several movie versions, there is just something about listening to A Christmas Carol that made me shed a few tears for old Scrooge.

So, now, I have added to my list. The Wizard of Oz is not much like the movie I grew up watching every year.

Tim Burton's version of Sleepy Hallow is much more entertaining, and I have to admit I like it more than Mr. Irving's original tale.

I have fallen in love with Oscar Wilde. The Canterville Ghost is my favorite so far.

Dracula... Oh, my! what a tale! The ancestor to all the vampire tales we are inundated with today.

Yesterday, I began a book I have often wanted to read, but for many reasons haven't until now. The House of Seven Gables. Wow!! I could kick myself for stalling so many years on that wonderful tale.

The Punk and I plan to 'read' some James Joyce and chat online about it as we are in habit of as of late.

I downloaded it, Wilde, and Hawthorne while drying clothes at the laundry mat. Not a bad way to spend 30 minutes or so anymore.

Now, if you will excuse me, I am in the middle of the chapter 'Alice Pyncheon' and it seems to be a good part of the heart of the story.


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connie » 4 years ago

I'll have to investigate that.

have a good one.

punk » 4 years ago

You ARE an inspiration!

Holly » 4 years ago

Love it!! I've heard about librivox but never used it. You are an inspiration!