How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Feb 15, 2014

Hey There! Remember Me??

It's been a while. I could give excuses, I guess. The PC is acting up as it gets ready to die on me. Work is kicking my saggy old butt, the aches hanging around longer and longer. My son's struggles have me torn apart as there is nothing I can really do to help except listen. My old doubts and fears are creeping back in such insidious ways that I don't recognize them until they are full blown, 'in your face' things that have me ready to either cover my head and refuse to get out of bed, or run screaming into the night. Work helps there. I have no choice but to get my tail up, get dressed, slap on a smile I don't feel, and go.

The weather has not helped. This crazy mess we have been having has me wishing to be anywhere but here.

The fact that I have not been out of this town since Christmas doesn't help, either.

It's a struggle. Three steps forward, one or two or three back.

Most of all, I just can't bear the thought that folks would say, "There she goes again, bitching, moaning and whining.

Yeah, the darkness is creeping in on the edges again. I don't know how to stop it right now.

And I'm not sure it's worth even fighting it.

I will keep trying. It isn't in my nature to give up these days, but it's so hard some days when even tears don't come to help wash it away...

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weewoman » 4 years ago

its just a phone call away.... you know we are each others therapist and I am here for you when you need me... and I work cheap too. I know you like no other and I will always lend you a ear to listen and a sholder to cry on..... but not a punching bag... hit weezer (Steel Magnolias) you know id kick you in the know I love you sis and I will be here when you need to talk