How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Feb 16, 2014

Another Day... Another Corner Turned

I almost deleted yesterday's entry, but decided against that. See, here's my thinking. Each entry is my honest thoughts at that moment. We all have different mind sets at different times, and I am not unusual there. I am all over the place all the time. I have only ever deleted one entry, and though I regret bending to pressure for that, oh, well... No deleting.

This morning has been decent. My girl brat woke me at like 6 this morning with breakfast from work. Nothing like biscuits and gravy, a sausage and egg McMuffin, and a large lousy cup of coffee to get the day going. Walked a mile after some time with her, and trying desperately, and failing, to sleep more.

I feel like I have turned heathen all these Sundays I have not been able to get to church, and being too stubborn to look locally. Sorry, but I have chosen, for good or ill, to keep to my denomination, though I could join a druid bunch if I found one...

Jamming to Mellencamp on my MP3 on my walk and as I write, I am remembering the first time I saw him sing.

I do have some good memories of my time with my father's family, and John is one of them. My half sister and I shared a room for a time. It eventually became a war zone, but at first it was amiable. She had this tiny black and white television. We would sneak it on after everyone was asleep on Friday nights and watch The Midnight Special.

I fell in love with John Cougar, as he was known then. Heck, I didn't know anything about stage names then, and I thought it was a cool name. He had a raw animal quality, so the name fit.

Before I lived with my father, I had been a bit of a rebel when it came to music. My mom was religious and frowned on anything not gospel music when I turned 15 and discovered Andy Gibb, The Who, and, secretly loving my brother's KISS albums. I had done the teenybopper thing, but there was that raw sexiness about music I discovered at 15, and that was 'wrong,' and very bad in my head.

At my dad's house, on many things, anything was fine. I am sure my step mom knew we were watching tv late at night, but said nothing.

I was introduced to many new bands at school. Cheap Trick, Journey, Rush, etc...

I realized it was okay to still like the old stuff as well as new as I grew older. These days, my tastes run in every direction. Name a genre, I have a favorite. Still, I really have a soft spot for that guy who first woke something inside me that, I realize now, it was okay to feel, healthy even for a 17 year old.

Man, he is still not too bad, but then, he was sexy as hell, and didn't apologize for it. Why should anyone?

Anyway, that's it for this morning. Just as what has become one of my favorite JM songs comes on... And The Walls Come Tumbling Down... Good one to finish here...


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