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Brought up Feb 1, 2014

Don'tcha Just HATE This??

All day at work today, I was in a good mood. It was a hectic day, as Fridays usually are, but it is also the end of the month, which brings folks out of the wood work.

Anyway, as I was working, I realized I was humming under my breath, thank the Lord above not out loud. It dawned on me what tune was whirling through my head. Once I realized it, I knew it would be like pulling chicken teeth to get rid of it. Best to tell someone. Sometimes that works.

I told a couple of co workers about it, and the story behind it.

See, a few days ago, the girl brat and I were watching episodes of Smallville on DVD. In one particular show, Lois Lane goes undercover as a stripper. This dratted song was the one she danced to...

My co workers laughed at me, one saying, "Thanks, Kandy. Now it's stuck in my head!"

Mission accomplished, right? I'd passed the darned thing on!


Tonight, as I wait for the girl brat to bring my danged car home so we can get some supper, I was humming, even singing aloud a song by Bread, Baby Ima Want you. Then, an America song. I Need You.

Out of no where, this dratted song is back in my head, full blast...

I can't get rid of it! It's driving me nuts!!!

It would be great if it didn't also remind me of a scene I saw on a preview of a movie I refuse to see, Norbert, with Eddie Murphy.

Got the song yet?


I don't wanna be the only one humming the darned thing!!


"Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don'tcha?"

Dang Those Pussycat Dolls anyway!!! What ever happened to those chicks anyway? Maybe some average, not so sexy gals bludgeoned them to death!!!

Oh, and Punk, this was cleaned up per my attempt at cleaning up my vocabulary... go ahead, laugh. The rest, you can figure out what words I have edited out!

Man! Please, someone, make it stop already!!


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