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Brought up Jan 18, 2014

Swear Words... #$%^$, It!

"Dang it, Bobby!"

This afternoon, as my girl brat was getting ready to head out for what ever mischief she and her buds were preparing, she uttered that phrase. It has become a local 'swear,' a gentler version of "Damn it, Bobby," of an origin that escapes me. It got me thinking, though, about swearing in general, and my struggle to abandon the rougher words in particular.

So, being me, I did a little research.

What i found is a bit interesting, to say the least, at least to me.

According to Wikipedia, "The term "profane" originates from classical Latin "profanus", literally 'before (outside) the temple.'" Hummm... Swearing, or use of profanity, was originally a sign of one's "scoffing" at deities and religion. Wow!

Also, according to the great Wiki, The earliest writings found contain use of what were considered profanity. Heck! we are talking as far back as, well, okay, I did a little more digging.

According to one article, swear words reflect the "taboos of a time and place." Hummm. Well, I have no clue as to how 'damning' poor Bobby fits in there, but I did learn a bit of history about that one word, considered the most disgusting, according to my mom, and my boy brat's favorite expletive since he turned 18 and decided he could use 'grown up' words with impunity.

That awful F word.

The article says that the word comes from a 15th century Germanic word meaning to move back and forth. Nothing disgusting there, right?

Okay, the article didn't give when it became a vulgar way of describing the act of, uh, a particular form of communication? as the word 'intercourse' once meant.

So, swearing. I still don't get why people swear, why it's such a 'taboo' or why the young find it such an attractive form of rebellion.

I do know that my own potty mouth has it's roots in early adulthood, mostly my mid twenties, when I became a wife, mother, and had to deal with the stresses that accompanied those changes in my life. It's something that has caused severely embarrassing moments over the years, like the day my son used the S word, at less than a year old, in front of my mother, and the day my mom, grandmother, and aunt heard me screaming the F word when a snake came slithering along the side of my grandmother's house.

I once heard from a professor in college that using profanity was a mark of one with a poor vocabulary; an sign of the uneducated. I disagree. I have heard highly 'educated' folk swear like truck drivers, sailors, etc...

In my opinion, and it IS JUST mine, so probably not noteworthy, swearing denotes a level of immaturity in the young, out to shock their elders. It is also a poor way of expressing anger, pain, or frustration. That is usually when the #@$%@ words start popping out of my mouth, anyway. And I am the first to admit I can be very immature sometimes.

Anyway, I am still determined to try to rid my vocabulary of those words that society finds offensive.

Aw, CRAP! doesn't quite have the punch of the other word when I stub my toe, drop something, or deal with the myriad of troublesome things and folk in my life, but I guess I will have to work on finding replacements for my more 'colorful' words.

Holy chocolate starfish!!?

Nah. I'll keep working on it.

Chow for now... (Yes, Punk, I know that ain't how it's spelled! I am also aware that it is not correct usage of the word. Ciao!)

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wee woman » 4 years ago

come on holy chocolote starfish?... shees... my kids use to say frill( sci-fi fans know this comes from "Farscape")

I can hold my potty mouth most of the time... but we all slip even my parents would slip out "sht" I know what they meant and yes I have had my mouth washed with soap for saying "durn it" in from of Momma..

You'll do just fine....#*!* hehehehe