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Brought up Jul 19, 2014

Names and Titles

As I have been embracing this newest name assigned to me through no actions of my own, so far just Grandma, and wondering what the little fella will eventually call me, it has me thinking a lot about names.

I have been called many things in my life. I began a list in my head one day.

At birth, we are given a name, or shortly there after, or even before, but have you realized that we all had a name even before that? Okay, here was my list...

Baby. Baby girl. Kandy Jo... see? Then, daughter, grand daughter, niece, and as I am second oldest of my grandmother's grand kids, cousin.

A couple of years later, I added Step- to each of those.

Sister and Sissy came betweeen 3 and 4.

around 5 or so, I added friend to the list, playing with the little boy who lived near by. Then pupal, student. sometime in first grade, I was called Girl Friend and Best Friend for the first time.

Then, the time passed with out many new names. I am leaving out some, of course. Nicknames, names with negative connotations...

(Mainly to spare the Punk from feeling bad about Jo Bo and Jo Bob.. hehehe, nuff said.)

The next addition came around the age of 16. Driver and Employee came into my list of names.

Later still, Graduate, College Student, Tenant.

Then, Wife, Mother...

Mother would morph into Mama, Mommy, Mom, Mamma. Wife into Hon...

Aunt came along around 2 years after that.

I think that was really the last name I was assigned until almost a month ago now.

So far, I have been called Grand Mother, Grandma, Granny.

I have to wait until the little fella decides what he wants to call me before I learn what will probably be the last name or title I bear in my life. Me? I am pushing for Gamma, but, who knows what he will come up with?

Maybe I think too much??


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