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Brought up Jun 30, 2014

Changes, Continued

Our little guy and his mom were released, finally, from the hospital yesterday. They spent the night with her family last night as my son had to work. Man, still having trouble thinking of my son as a bouncer at a club, but what ever helps buy the Pampers, right?

Yeah, having a bit of trouble imagining him as a dad, too.

So far, he seems to be relaxing a bit with his new role. Got to hang out with the newest members of the family tonight, and I must admit, there is so much love present for my son and from him. Seeing him so gentle and kind with his lady, and their little boy brought tears to my eyes that had to be blinked away quickly. I t does my heart good to see that for him.

I got to have my baby fix, as my girl brat calls it, as well. Holding that tiny little being is like nothing words can describe. I could hold him forever and never tire of watching his little expressions dancing across his beautiful face, so like his father's at that age.

He already has some of the same mannerisms: The way he stretches those monkey toes, the little chin thing both my kids still do, the way he stretches full length when he is struggling between waking and sleeping the way he can hold his weight on his legs already, the way he roots against anyone who is holding him against their chest.

So like his father.

The little guy is going to be a chatterbox, I just know it. He grunts and seems to enjoy making vocal sounds already.

Holding that little one is like a massive dose of Valium. One can not help but feel peaceful looking into that face, thinking that he is a little piece of us all to go forward into the world when we are no more.

I hated leaving him.

I didn't care much for leaving my son's place, either. Already, it feels more like a home than this place ever has. I am happy for him. He deserves to have what I sometimes feel I failed a bit to give him. I just wish I had a bit of that feeling, too. Home.

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wee woman » 4 years ago

Its amazing how a little one can wrap you around their tiny little finger.

And you will be check I g out baby clothes and toys for Christmas every time you go to wal mart too