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Brought up Jun 27, 2014


Last night, my family changed for ever.

I have always adored my kids, don't get me wrong. I never imagined I could ever love anyone more than my son and daughter.

I was wrong. Oh, so wrong.

Last night, my son had a son.

I have fallen in love with that tiny being. I never imagined I could ever feel like this again. I have already volunteered free babysitting services. Anything to get time with that little fella.

It was such a tense week for his mom. Complications that I was told today almost took her life. She didn't seen too worked up over those facts this afternoon as I watched her sleep for about an hour with her son sleeping on her chest. My son went to run errands, reluctantly, while I stayed to make sure she was not left alone. Watching both mother and child sleep, both with such peaceful looks on their faces, brought tears to my eyes. I almost took their picture, but decided that was one image, I wanted to keep to myself. Much too precious to share in a photo.

Not so with the son making an idiot of himself. I took a few pictures of that as I chuckled quietly. I watched those huge hands of my kid carefully rub lotion on those tiny feet and marveled at how he is relaxing with his son so quickly.

Last night, my daughter captured exactly how her brother felt in one shot. Deer in the Headlights... the perfect title of that picture. Of the pictures taken the past 26 hours or so, that one, one my sister took, and one I took, captured my son so sweetly. Images of my son in total awe of this new little person he helped create.

Of course, the mom was a bit disgusted this afternoon. She said, what was I just an incubator to cook your clone? Okay, yeah, the kid is my son's Mini Me. From the feet and hands, big like a puppy who has to grow into them, the tiny dimple near one corner of his mouth when he smiles. Okay, yes it's gas, I felt that, too, but doesn't change that first smile I got last night as I held him for the first time. He also looks to have his dad's multi crown. My son has three, and the little fella has at least two possibly three swirls in his hair there.

How could life as we know it possibly ever be the same?

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