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Brought up May 19, 2014


We had some sad news at work this week.

See, for some reason, a lovely little gray cat, probably less than a year old, had taken up residence in our parking lot. Many of us had attempted to befriend the little one. One lady even took it home with her, but it disappeared only to turn back up at the store a few days later. Employees fed our furry friend .

I looked forward to watching the sweet cat roam around, deftly avoiding cars, and following our maintenance guy around. I started calling it Shadow.

A few weeks ago, we thought our littlest employee might be sick. One employee, name omitted, made threats of getting rid of our little friend, so we wondered if it's illness was 'natural.' Some folks don't care for cats, I guess.

The cat rallied and we continued to watch it, feed it, and like having it around.

A few days ago, our little friend disappeared. There were days when it would roam elsewhere, so at first we were unconcerned, but then it was gone longer than usual.

I smelled a slight scent of 'dead' one day as I was stopped to pay at the window, a few days ago.

Yesterday, or the day before, when I was off work, Our poor little friend was found by the one it followed...

We were all saddened.

Now, I am not pointing fingers. It is quite possible the little one was ill, or the dogs that had roamed through the parking lot killed it. Still, just the fact that the one jerk threatened to harm the poor little thing has a few of us wondering. The cat didn't hurt anything or anyone, and just the threat was enough to steam me up a bit.

If I learn that our little furry visitor was harmed deliberately, I just may have to give that person a piece of my mind.

I have never understood why some people do not like cats, and, around here, there are jerks that use them for target practice.

To harm any creature out of malice or sport is so wrong!

I will miss that little one.


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