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Brought up Oct 25, 2013

Am I Odd?

This morning, the Punk said I was a rare bird. I think he meant it as a compliment. Still, the truth is, I think I am more an odd duck.

To proudly celebrate having lost 100 pounds, (finally!! YES!!) I did what we always do on happy occasions... I ate.

I tried minestrone soup for the first time. Not bad, but not nearly as good as my favorite clam chowder. The girl brat is now happily scarfing the can I bought for my supper tomorrow night, so it means another trip to the store tomorrow. GRRRR...

I did share one of my favorite snacks with her. Now, don't knock it til you've tried it. We take a cracker, club crackers are the best, and put either french onion dip or ranch dip on it. This is then topped with a smoked oyster or, even better, baby smoked clams. She and I polished off the whole can of oysters, half the dip, and all but 5 of the multigrain crackers in the sleeve.

Now, yes, I admit that the first time I tried that, I was skeptical. I have grown to love it. In fact, I appreciate a lot of different things.

My adventures in different culinary delights began a long time ago. (though the Wee Woman did nudge it out of hibernation last year.)

I have tried real pate... hated it. I have recently learned that good caviar is actually pretty good. It's the cheaper stuff that can have that nasty, salty taste.

I love sushi, but last Friday, I had one piece, more trying new things, that I didn't care for. My favorite is still the little tofu pockets with rice and seaweed. the girl refuses to even try any of it. She is, however, the reason my Tabasco supply is getting dangerously low.

Looking back, I have one person to thank for what some might think of as almost snooty taste. I won't mention a name, but this one person liked to put on airs, as we say around here. This person would always try to put on a show of having 'great taste' but in the end, I saw through it all as insecurity. Trying to make others think they were something 'better.' Sad, now, when I think about that sort of thing.

I do owe that person, though. I grew to like a few of the 'finer things in life,' even if it was the result of that person's pretense. Many things, my inbred reverse snobbery would never have allowed me to try with out this person's influence.

I love Irish beer, though I learned, much later, it is really better at room temp, not chilled. I like wine, but it doesn't have to be over twenty bucks a bottle to be appreciated. Peasant that I am, I prefer sweet wines, but I can sometimes enjoy a nice, dry white.

I was already drawn to some things that a lot of folks around here find 'high falutin,' and snobby, at an early age. I don't know, really, where that started, or how. My taste in music is eclectic. I love nearly all music: classical, jazz, R&B, Motown, Country, and nearly all rock, especially heavy metal. Rap is about the only kind I have never cottoned to.

My favorite writer is good ole Bill Shakespeare, but anyone looking at my Facebook page will see I am also a Stephen King fanatic. I love reading anything, just about, though I will admit," Moby Dick", I did not finish. Odd writing style back then. It simply failed to hold my attention. Now, Steinbeck's "Winter of Our Discontent" I just recently finished. Strange book.

I am now revisiting an old favorite, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." I first read it a long time ago, and just fell in love with it. I highly recommend it.

I love plays, but it's been years since I've been to one since I refuse to go alone. Many movies, I have to wait for the DVD, for the same reason. I loved 'The Woman in Black' though I guess Harry Potter fans were disappointed to learn the kid is now an adult. Duh! I love English movies. I don't know why, exactly. I guess, like their humor, it's just one of those things. You either get it or you don't. (Big Monty Python fan here)

Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say is, I am a person open to new things. For a long time, I chose to shut that away. I think part of it was the depression. It was just less hassle to go with the flow than to really fight to do what I would have really enjoyed. I also think I chose to ignore what others would think odd of me to try and just fit in, be 'normal.' Screw NORMAL. I see no reason to fit anyone's mold anymore.

I have chosen to like what I like, no matter what anyone else thinks.

Maybe, over all, I am a bit odd. I can live with that.

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wee woman » 4 years ago

raw oysters are next darlin'.... with a touch of lime juice. the only way to eat them (in my book) but we will do it on the coast somewhere. That way they will be fresh...