How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Oct 7, 2013

Way too Soon

Learned tonight that a classmate passed away. It has me sad and very angry. She was one on my list of folks I wanted to see at the class reunion I was not invited to, though they were the kids I went to school with longest.

Life is too damned short, and time too uncertain, not promised.

I have to try to get to bed, try to sleep as I have to work tomorrow, but my brain is reeling around.

Things literally change on a dime, so quickly that if we don't pay attention, it's gone way before we have a chance to really live the way we are meant to live.

It makes me want to chuck it all and head for the beach where I found a bit of peace last year.

Damn it Tammie. It's so unfair that your sweet eyes are closed forever.


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