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Brought up Sep 22, 2013

Murphy's Law

I just feel so danged special.

Friday night, we had a storm. it was mostly a LOT of rain. By 9:30 or so, I'd had enough and was heading for bed.

My usual routine is potty and brush the teeth, to the point that all I have to do is think "it's time for bed," and I gotta pee, even if I have gone 10 minutes before the thought.

Off I go, the urge mounting, and then vanishing at the sight.

The toilet was just starting to over flow. I freaked out and grabbed the plunger. Nothing. the water didn't even budge except to go over the edge.

I turned, yelling at the boy to come help, when I saw that the tub had about 4 inches of the same black water.

We assumed, after the boy looked it over, that the pipes were plugged.

A trip to Wallmart, and the purchase of two different drain cleaners, were a waste. No pun intended, but go ahead and laugh.

The boy and I went out to the side of the house where the bathroom pipes can be accessed. The boy cut and broke the tub's drain pipe. Water gushed everywhere, but not from where it was still connected to the house. The water was coming into the house, and continued to gush.

We called the water department's emergency number, then changed our drenched clothes, the boy on the porch, as well, mine was only rain water.

When the guy came, a quick look proved that was not something we had done. In fact, the manhole in front of our house was full. Not much they could do til morning.

Yesterday morning, another guy told me that because our house is the lowest one along our street, the floor level below street level, we were the only one affected. Also, our street's sewer system had not been cleaned or what ever it is they do, in 50 years.

It's a real wonder that this is the first time this nasty business has happened to us in 15 years.

So, I spent yesterday buying a new shower curtain, new bath mat, tossing the gross ones, and scrubbing down everything I could with bleach. I even bleached the rug and the boy's jeans.

Oh, yes, I feel sooooooo special at being the first to get crap water in the tub to let them know they need to clean their damned water pipes along our street!!

Do you suppose they will give me back the 30+ bucks I really couldn't spare for the damaged stuff I had to pitch? Yeah, me either.

Though my language was probably just as filthy as the tub, I did not freak out too much at all. I thank the boy for helping me keep a cool head by his tiny freak out. happy

Anyway, I knew the week had gone too well! Murphy's Law in my life is still working just fine.


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