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Brought up Sep 20, 2013

A Crazy Week

Tuesday morning I got the call I have hoped for months to receive. "Can you come at 1 for orientation?"

That day I officially joined the Working Stiffs Club.

Stiff is a good word. Achy is another.

Wednesday I spent 4 1/2 hours sitting in a very hard chair watching training videos on a computer. Yesterday, I spent 4 hours as the girl brat's minion. She said she plans to put Minion put on my name tag, or (Girl's Name)'s Mom, as that is how many of them have known me for 5 years. at home, she told me I had 'done good.' That made me happy. I do not want to embarrass the girl.

Today, was not so good. My trainer kept jumping in and doing it all instead of letting me do it. Not a way to learn, or teach.

My feet, my legs, my back, belly hands and head all feel as if they are bruised. I get to sleep 'til I wake tomorrow, and I plan to do exactly that. And getting my walk in, since I have only had one short one since I started.

Still, I am going to be contributing to the house hold in a way that may finally get recognized. Heaven knows that all the other BS I do around here doesn't.

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wee woman » 4 years ago

I am cheering for you...and aren't we all minions to our children.. I know I am and now minion to a new generation, they call me Nanna. But I am cheering you on, so make me proud.....