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Brought up Sep 8, 2013

A Fabulous Book

I just finished reading 'All Over But the Shoutin'' by Rick Bragg. It had me laughing out loud, and sobbing like a brokenhearted child, often with in minutes of each other.

Bragg is a poor Bama boy done good. As of the publishing of the book, he was working for the New York Times, had bounced around the world writing about events I am sure we all recognize, from the horrors of Haiti to the Oklahoma bombing. It was published in 1997. I did a quick Google to see if there was somewhere to send him an email, but I want to read more and learn what he is doing now.

Shoutin' is the story of Bragg's growing up, but it is also the story of his mother, and the sacrifices she made to raise her three boys alone. Her husband that would desert them for months, even years at a time, leaving them without a penny, or a roof over their heads. It is truly a heart rending story, and worth tracking down.

I haven't written much here, or anywhere lately. On top of anxiety attacks, struggling to get crap cleaned up, tossed, etc, not smoking for 19 days now, I got one of the lousiest hair cuts I have ever gotten in my life, including that darling pixie cut my mom made me get in second grade that had me in tears for days. I swear, one side is longer than the other, and both are damned far shorter than where I showed that scalping heifer where I wanted it. I have tried styling it a few different ways. The best looks like a brown football helmet. I am learning to use the girl brat's straightener, but I am disgusted any time I get a glimpse of my reflection anywhere. I know, its only hair, and it will grow back, but DAMN!


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