How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Aug 9, 2013


I am actually glad it's Friday for once. This has been a very long week. Top it off with thunder and lightening, please! Oh, yeah, got that already. I don't do well with storms when I am home alone, like now, with no one to talk to to distract me. Sure, I did the whole Big, Bad Mama thing when my kids were small. "Pshhhh, storms don't scare me!" To be honest, they don't normally, unless I am completely alone. Since Punk has been on vacation all week, it's been a very boring week for the most part with no one to bellyache to. Sure, I could call H, or WW, or any of my girlfriends, but for some reason, it's the Punk who does the best distracting during stormy weather. IDK, maybe it's just a Punk thing.

I did try to listen to my MP3... Did you know you can not charge those things and play them at the same time? Maybe it's just mine, IDK, but anywho, here I was all set to blast a little Hootie and the Blowfish, my blue gummy bear earphones screwed in, (I know, right? But they didn't have purple) (Don't judge me!) and Darius whaling away. I plug in the charge cord to my computer, and WHAM! No tunes. HHHHHHHH... Oh, well...

So now, the storm is gone, with only two hot flashes and a perpetual sweat going right now. MP3 still charging. (Okay, it's been a while since I charged it, but the sucker seems to keep going, or I just don't use it as much these days.)

I do have a few surprises, but I really don't want to jump the gun yet. Let's see how the weekend goes, first, and then I may have a few things to tell...



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