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Brought up Aug 4, 2013

One of My Lunatic Loves

Sorry it's been a while. A lot of things happening this week, most of which I really rather not talk of here. I have been doing some cleaning and weeding out old junk, however, and it has led to the awakening of an old, maybe slightly goofy love: BOXES.

I love boxes of all shapes and sizes. (Maybe I was a cat in another life.) As a teenager, for want of a table, my stepmother gave me some scraps of wall paper, and I covered a large box, flipped upside down. It served me many years as a table, a place to put things out of sight, like shoes, and flipped back upright for moving.

When my kids were small, there was a show on day time tv called The Home Show, that I watched often. One day, they did a segment on making decorative boxes, covered in fabric. I have since seen such in stores for many times what it takes to make them. They were selling kits on the show with pre scored card stock and such, much out of my budget. However, as one who likes to recycle, I discovered that cereal boxes worked just fine.

I bought a glue gun, cheap fabric and batting for padding, and I was off. One Christmas, every female in the family over a certain age got a unique box as a gift. I have even covered the boxes in which items came as part of a gift.

I have recycled Cheeto's containers, nut cans, even cigarette boxes this way with the receiver of the gift none the wiser. What others see as garbage, I see as a trinket box sitting on a dresser, or displayed on a coffee table or desk. I even recycled old blue jeans into a box for my son once. Fitted sheets that are worn out in the middle made my eyes dance at the possibilities of salvaging the still usable fabric at the ends.

The years passed, and I lost my desire to make boxes, as well as all my other creative outlets during the worst of my depression. Now, my brain is teeming with ideas.

I have been badgering my brats for boxes to store items rescued from my purging. The girl surprised me this morning with four. Two of the boxes are exactly the size for which I had hoped. The other two are so enormous that I stood laughing when I found them first thing this morning. (Hint taken, Kid.) Yet, though they are way too big to fill, and be able to lift, they have given me an idea.

I think chatting with the Punk the other day about my old idea of actually trying to sell my little boxes for some much needed income planted the seed that has germinated this morning. I am going to need a tape measure, some duct tape, some white trash bags, a new glue gun, (the plug on mine was corroded when I found it the other day. Pitched it.) and one of the boy brat's box cutters. I will also need some cheap fabric and elastic later on for the next phase of turning two huge boxes that once held McD's large cups into four storage boxes suitable to sit in the corner of a room without being an eyesore.

Should be an interesting week. (And, I do have a flannel sheet worn out in the middle... another idea has sprung up. I knew I saved the thing for some reason.)

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wee woman » 4 years ago

Just don't keep a lot of things....don't trade one clutter for another... fill one box with crafting supplies.... not two or three.... the number shall be one. Put this away for rainy days.....keep sorting, packing and pitching.... you know I'm rooting for you