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Brought up Dec 26, 2013

Christmas, 2013, and Every Day...

Yesterday actually didn't suck. I have gotten so used to the holidays sucking to high heaven, that when it doesn't, I am not sure if my reactions are 'correct.'

It was a day of breaking down a wall that had grown between me and both sides of my family. My brother with my mom and I finally ripped open and drained a festering wound we have both tip toed around for a long time. I felt such a great relief, and realized just how hurt we both have been. I also, finally, felt that he loves me as much as I love him.

It was a day of forgiving, grace, and genuine peace between us.

We ate my mom's wonderful food, laughed, opened presents, and just enjoyed being together.

After returning our son to his new digs, we came home to enjoy two of my Christmas presents: the chess pie I always ask for and mama obliges, and the final season of Six Feet Under. (Twisted, but man, I loved that show!)

In the middle of the second episode, I think, I was fooling around on Facebook, and got a message from my youngest brother with my dad's wife. My little brother wanted my phone number.

He called me right away.

It was so good to hear his voice. I have missed him so much. He told me our other brother had been in a bad motorcycle wreck, but was doing well.

My brothers have all had their share of poor choices and life kicking them in the teeth. I love my sibs on both sides with all my heart. Yesterday, I felt like the Grinch with my heart growing so big I thought it would burst with happiness.

That's a very odd feeling for me.

Not a bad thing...

I hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as I did, and pray that the New Year brings joy and peace for all my dear ones who read this. May we all learn to make every day Christmas in our lives and our hearts.

Much Love, K.


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