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Brought up Dec 23, 2013

Giving, Such a Nice Feeling

Last night, I got to experience what it really means to give from the heart at Christmas.

A young woman with whom I work, is a single mom with three small kids. She and two young men from work, were not expecting much for Christmas. Actually, they expected nothing.

Because of a Facebook posting, our town really stepped up for the mom. People dropped off presents and money for her and her kids. The two young men, of course, were less sympathetic images of giving.

Anyway, my daughter and I bought small gifts for the kids, their mom, and the two boys. It broke my heart how grateful they were for those gifts. I got three hugs and one kiss on the cheek in thanks, and a few eyes misted over. It was wonderful to show those kids that I care about them.

I hope my kids appreciate their gifts just as much as those new young friends of ours did.

On the home front...

First time in years, I have not only finished my Christmas shopping, but also wrapped everything, three days before Christmas.

Usually, it's a mad scramble on Christmas Eve, grabbing what ever has been picked over, and nothing wrapped at all.

I am looking forward to actually being able to shop even earlier for next year.

It's funny how earning my own piddly little check seems to have given me the feeling that it's alright for me to shop. It's not that I couldn't, when we had a little extra money. It's just that I have always felt I had to account for what I spent because I didn't feel like I had a right to spend what I didn't earn.

Working at a job that has been tough to really do, learning how to do it well enough to keep up, has given me a new perspective on money.

My husband has told me for years, if we have it, go ahead and spend it. He certainly has, even if sometimes we couldn't spare it. Now, I realize what an idiot I have been all these years.

For many years, when we had so little, there was nothing to spare. I would save like a miser just to keep the lights on, and sometimes having to beg for two or three more days.

It isn't that my tiny checks make a difference in the amount of spare cash we have. It's the fact that it's mine. I earned every dime of it. That is empowering, I think.

It also helped me give a little bit to three young people, and three little children, who have taken over a corner of my heart.

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wee woman » 4 years ago

Its amazing how something so small can make us feel so wonderful. I am so proud of you. You are becoming a woman of independent means, watching you bloom is a beautiful thing and I look forward to seeing you fly darlin'..... you know I love you and have always been your biggest fan.