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Brought up Nov 22, 2013

I Am an Idiot

Have you ever done something so completely stupid, and had someone confirm it?

See, I have been stalling buying a pair of work shoes. To be honest, I figured there was no use in spending money on something I probably wouldn't need very long. Being me, I figured I would have been fired by now, but I guess I am doing alright. Besides, the girl brat has about 50 pairs of work shoes floating about the house, and I have been wearing a pair of her clogs that many of the other employees wear. Unfortunately, they are a little big for me, as her feet are two sizes bigger than mine. My feet have been hurting more and more, as well as my back and joints.

Today, I finally broke down and bought a pair in my size.

In my defense, I was tired, feeling like I'd been beaten from the waist down, and in a hurry.

I grabbed a pair of kinda cool ones that look sort of like cap toed sneakers, made from recycled materials, slip resistant, and black, like we have to wear.

I grabbed one out, tried it on, and it fit like a dream.

It was a busy night, and the girl at the register was young and hurrying. she never even opened the box, which they are supposed to do, of course.

I got home, ate dinner, opened the the insoles I'd bought to put into the shoes.

Then I opened the shoe box.

I never paid attention, really, in the store.

What I assumed was a shoe was the paper from two shoes rolled into the paper in which they wrap the shoes.

I had paid 20 bucks for one frigging shoe.

I felt like a fool.

Part of me said it wasn't worth the discomfort of explaining, or worse, not being believed.

How ever, this was MY hard earned 20 bucks. I have been standing on my achy feet for weeks to earn that frigging money.

I sucked it up and drove back.

The one girl was very nice. She was having trouble with her register, and seemed new to the job. She wasn't sure what exactly to do. One I have seen in there before came over, asked if there were more like them, in the size. Sure, of course there were.

Then, in this snippy little whine, she said, "She's only got one shoe."

I felt even more stupid.

I went back, grabbed another box, made absolutely sure there were two shoes, and went back to customer service.

They looked them over, circled the code and price on my receipt after confirming they matched the shoes. I grabbed the bag and took off.

Now, here I sit, looking at the box. I want to try them on, but. with my luck, I have two right shoes, or two different sizes...

Okay, they are ugly as hell. Still, they fit, and actually feel pretty good with the insoles. I guess it was worth feeling a little stupid...

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wee woman » 4 years ago

We all have been tired and in a hurry. I've bought things, came home only to discover my purchase still had that little plastic thingy tat serves as a security tag.... so when you take it back of course it sets off the alarm and EVERY patron in store looks up to see who is shoplifting... of course my face is red as I head to customer service to explain someone left tag on.... thankfully I had receipt in had. But still suffer embarrassment over the cashier who was in a hurry or to distracted to do her job correctly....don't sweat it.. we have all had stupid things happen.