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Brought up Nov 30, 2013

My Secret Shame...

Okay, there is something I have kept hidden from my blog audience that I must now admit... Please forgive me, and do not think less of me.

I am a big dork!

I am a Trekkie, a Star Trek fan from childhood.

I remember waiting with baited breath for those nights when we watched Star Trek. I dreamed of traveling in space for as long as I can remember. I would stand out in the yard and look up at the stars, longing to be out there, trying to make Mr. Spock smile. Yes, Spock and Scottie were always my favorite.

I watched The Next Generation religiously, and, in doing so, passed on my affliction to my children. The other shows failed to capture my attention, but I loved that incarnation of the Enterprise, not to mention its crew.

I have seen every movie but the very last of the newest, and I am planning to see it very soon.

The Punk recommended I watch The Wrath of Khan again, first. Today, I did just that. It is one of my incomplete collection of Trek movies on DVD.

Here, I must also admit another of my sad afflictions.

I cry while watching sad movies.

Today, as I did the first time I watched Wrath, I sobbed like a brokenhearted child when Spock died.

(Do NOT scold me for spoiling the ending, Punk. If they haven't seen it by now, they never will is my guess!)

Sure, Spock comes back to life, I've seen the flick, so I don't understand why, today, I sat here bawlin' and sobbin'.

Anyway, such is my hidden shame, but hey, I have always said I have eclectic tastes. I like Harry Potter, the freakin' Ninja Turtles, martial arts flicks, as well as Shakespeare. I am now reading Dumas for the first time, and loving The Three Musketeers in yet another venue.

I guess I am an all round dork, geek, what ever. Hey, at my age, I've freakin' earned the right to watch what ever I darned well please, like what I please, and bawl when I please... happy

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wee woman » 4 years ago

you know I'm just a big of a dork as you are.... I have seen every picture, yes the last one too. I even went to a Star Trek convention... I felt out of place in street clothes. I have pics and autographs that are treasures for me that I keep locked away like priceless heirlooms... so dont think you are the only one..... live long and prosper my friend