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Brought up Jun 2, 2013

Culture Clash...

I finished my latest book last night. If the FB friend who recommended Nelson DeMille reads this, thanks, bud! I have a new one to add to my list of faves. About half way through this one, I got the feeling, however, that I had read it before, but it was probably back when it was first published, 1990. I still enjoyed it.

The Gold Coast is about two men in the middle of both midlife crises, and really sort of identity crises as well. The narrator is John Sutter, (idk if he is supposed to be related to the wine makers in California, but that was how I pronounced his name.) John's family is one of those you hear of that has been in the country since it was a colony. A real WASP: White Anglo Saxon Protestant. The snobby, high society bunch that some hold up as American royalty. Personally, I'll take movie stars, okay?

John a lawyer, but his wife is the one who holds the real purse strings. She is an heiress to a fortune; old money, the abandoned mansion and hundreds of acres of land with, I kid you not, all these crazy buildings and stuff we read about in maybe stories of the English nobles. (They live in the guest house that her father gave HER as a wedding gift.You meet him, a real piece of work) I mean, fake ancient ruins and a hedge maze? Yeah, ours is in the side yard behind the car parts.

Anyway, This estate is one of several mostly abandoned mansions along a private road. They learn that the estate next door has been sold, and everyone at the Club is curious as to who bought it.

Enter the other guy with some personal problems: Frank 'The Bishop' Bellarosa, head of one of the biggest crime families in the country. Italian, of course; cliche, yep. The Sutters try hard to snub the man, but ole Frank won't be snubbed. They think he is ignorant, a mobster, and just not one of our kind, dear.

The heiress finally gives in and accepts an invite for coffee and dessert from the Bellarosas, unbeknownst to poor John, who has worked 'in the city' all day and just wants his dinner out and to go home, These two are real snobs, John more so than his wife, it turns out, but you learn she's a little crazy. (By the end, a lot crazy) Actually, John is the one acting suddenly out of his usual, but that's beside the point.

Anyway, they get to the Bellarosas, noses in the air. Frank answers his own door, but he does have a guy at the gate to the long drive bordered by ancient trees. Enter the real shock. First, the Don is wearing turtleneck sweaters most of the book. Here, in his refurbished mansion, he greets his guests in sandals and yellow socks. Imagine. As the couple are led to their dessert, they walk through a completely empty room, and Frank asks them, what the hell is this room? The heiress tells him it is the dinning room. He leads them into a spacious room with a nice dinning room set with all the trims, and says, what the hell is this room then? The Morning or Breakfast room. The poor dolt has been eating breakfast in the kitchen, go figure.

The real culture clash comes later. It's a great book. John Sutter seems to be spiraling out of control as he gets to know Frank and his world... You gotta read it. I ain't telling.

It reminded me of the real culture differences around here. A lot of people cut down the ole Redneck folk, but man, I would love to see some of those snobby yahoos actually hunt and fish for a meal. Heck, I know I can't do it, and I hold those who can and do in high regard. Okay, I can bait my own hook, and I have fired a rifle before, but I am a wimp and would rather not if I don't have to.

Our biggest clashes around these parts are Alabama verses Auburn,Ole Miss or Tennessee... I pity those poor misguided folk who don't realize Bear Bryant is at least a demigod.

Any who... I have decided I like Demille's work, and plan to read more. His main characters, so far, all seem to be wisecracking goof balls, which for some reason really appeals to me...


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wee woman » 5 years ago

Make sure to read DeMille's "The Gate House".....Craig turned me on to DeMille.