How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up May 22, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Punk and Connie... AWWWW... ya'll are too kind. I love you guys. Thanks for continuing to boost me up this particular hill of my journey.

I think I need to point out a little something from a previous entry. I said that the family that has ignored me over the years, ones I adored and wanted in my life, could kiss my butt. That comment was not, however, aimed at those who have helped me and been there for me over the years. Some, including Lisa's parents, have done that, and I have always been grateful for that. I love ALL my family, even those who pretend to not know me if we happen to pass on the street. But, there just comes a time when a person has to realize there are some folks unwilling to return it. And one has to suck it up, let it go, and move on. That is simply what I have done. (But I do love how that bit dog barked like a chihuahua. Laughed my tail off at that one!!)

Anyway, enough of that. It's all taken too much of my time already, and to be honest, there is no use wasting more on those who don't listen.

We did have a bit of rain and wind last night, but not the storms predicted. So I spent the evening on my latest book, Shutter Island. A FB bud recommended the author, and though I have seen the movie, I figured what the heck. So far, the movie goes along with the book quite well. My only problem is that Leo D is a bit younger than the character in the book.

What else is going on in my tiny corner of the universe...

Ahh, the oil pulling. Well, I have slacked off on it, but plan to do it tonight if I remember, and have a good 20 minutes where I can keep my mouth shut. (Hush it, Punk!! And the BFF, too! I know you both are going to giggle and say 'Good luck with that one!') I did notice a difference in my gums. they looked and felt great. The whole stain removing thing, though, I get better results with the baking soda.

Hummm, let's see...

Oh, I am down 9 pounds from this time last week. A lot of water weight there, I know. The swelling has gone down in my hands, and the joints don't ache as much now, which is a real relief. IDK, maybe they are just getting used to the humidity finally. My knee has been snotty to me of late, though.I bent it backward about 25 degrees on ice years ago, and the sucker just hasn't been the same since. Not wagging around so much blubber has helped, but getting rid of more will do more, I hope.

Let's see, what else?

Oh, yeah. Bit of a downer. The boy's vee hicle is down for a bit. I have no idea what a differential is or does, though the boy did try to explain. All I heard was @#$$%^%$ blah blah, $#@#, @#$@@#!! So I still have no clue except it has to do with the transmission. Anywho, I get to play Mom's Taxi Service again, but it's okay. I enjoy that time with the boy. He is wise beyond his years, and we have some wonderful discussions. Smart kid, my boy. I have no idea where he gets it, though. Must have skipped a generation, because ya'll know what a flake I am. The best thing is he has been an absolute angel since my surgery. I guess I scared him just a bit. Lord knows it scared me into really looking at my life even harder, and trying to get my ducks in a row.

The honeysuckles are winding down. Man, do I love that scent. Unfortunately, they brought with them the darned Mockingbird that imitates sirens again this year, and he or she does not leave when they do. That is a really weird thing to wake to in the mornings.

So, dear darlin' readers, my faithful sweeties, that's about it for now. The coffee's cold, the girl snoozing after a long morning at work, and the dryer going on one of my countless loads of laundry. Ya know, I kind of like blogging in the day instead of waiting for the quiet of night. Heck, maybe there is something to this whole actually being happy instead of pretending all is hunky dory... Maybe the depression crap has finally loosened it's tendrils... We'll see. TTFN


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