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Brought up May 19, 2013

History With the Dust Blown Off

I just finished reading The Red Queen, by Phillippa Gregory. I have liked Ms Gregory's work for years, and highly recommend each I have read. The first one I read was The Other Boleyn Girl, which, I think was made into a movie. If it was, I am sure there was no way to do the work justice in 2 hours or less.

What I love about Ms Gregory's books is the fact that she takes true historical stories, and sort of wraps fiction around them, filling in the blanks. The details are so well written, there has to be years of research in each tale. These books breathe new life into what, I know for me, were stale old tales of dusty old history.

The Red Queen is the story of Margaret Beaufort, a name I, and probably all but real English history buffs, didn't know. Turns out, Margaret believed she was chosen by God to bear a son that would one day be king of England. The son was named Henry Tudor... If you don't know that name, I am really sorry for wasting your time. I believe there has been a TV series by the name The Tudors, if that helps.

Anyway, Ms Gregory's book blows the dust off. Margaret is annoying sometimes in her form of piety, to the point that I actually wondered about her sanity at times. Scheming, calculating, and sometimes down right blood thirsty, there were no ends to what the woman would not do to give her son what she believed was his birthright from God. It's a good book for anyone even remotely interested in English history, which is, after all, until a century or so after Margaret's time, sort of the history of a majority of our own. It's also a good book if you find history dull, because dull, the book is not. Let me know if any of you do read it. I would love to have someone to talk to about it.


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