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Brought up Apr 25, 2013

Bits & Pieces

I know, I know... But I am now trying to get my tail in gear and write more here. To Connie, the Punk, BFF, and Cuz... thanks for stickin' with me, ya'll. I appreciate the feed back always, and your always coming back for more of my nonsense. Are you really THAT bored? HEHE!

Tonight, I've been kicking ideas around, and well, it's all sort of twisted into this big tangle of ideas, some not fit for my own consumption, much less anyone else's. (It's all your fault, Punk!!) I've settled on a sort of list... Sort of. Everyone knows I love them, right? So here we go, in no real order of importance... Oh, and some of these go under the heading, NOTE TO SELF, or the little snots I live with... or maybe, things moms say, or should say.

1- If you buy something, and bring it into the house, put it where it belongs before you forget about it. Examples: Toilet paper, laundry soap, cold food...

2- If you empty it, let someone in the purchasing position know, or replace it yourself. 3 drops of milk does not mean the jug goes back into the fridge, nor does 2 flakes and a raisin constitute 'still cereal in the box.'

3- If it isn't yours, don't touch it without asking first. 'Borrowing' and attempting to replace it before the owner notices does not work, either. Especially if you wear a certain scent, and 'borrow' your brother's favorite sweat shirt. Oh, and if it's mine, leave it the heck alone. I don't mess with your stuff.

4- If someone asks you to do something, and you agree to carry out said task, do it. If I wanted to ask 57 more times, have it done 6 months from the time I asked, or to do it myself, I would state that.

5- If you dirty it, wash it, or at least find the freaking sink, dirty clothes basket or washer.

6- Mom may say she doesn't like surprises, but what she really means is unpleasant surprises, or thing you know she probably won't like, or things that won't fit. Some, like the Alabama golf umbrella I mentioned months ago I would like, that my darlin' girl gave me last night, are perfectly acceptable, appreciated, and adored. Thanks, again, baby girl for remembering, and getting it just for me. Still chokes me up a bit.

7- Raised voices no longer work on me. I am taking a page from your book and tuning you out, or hanging up the phone. Goes for you too, dear hubby. I think I have earned at least that much respect.

8- Oh, an addition to somewhere above. If you are capable of doing something yourself, but ask me, and I forget, DO IT YOURSELF, DANG IT!! We are all adults now, and frankly, I don't care for doing some of the crap I have had to do over the years because someone just forgot or what ever.

9- Since everyone comes and goes as they please these days, so do I. If I don't answer the phone, and you have an idea that I might be somewhere that is not cell phone friendly, i.e. the freaking hospital, don't call 50 times. I will call when I can, not when you necessarily demand it. Oh, and by the way, I am an adult. I don't need to check in with anyone. If I show common courtesy and tell you where I will be, do the same, or expect to be wondering where I am as well.

And number 10- Contrary to popular belief, I am not psychic. The voices that speak to me do not tell me what you want, need or what ever. (They usually come up with ways to dismember you, where the body would go unnoticed, or just where you can shove what ever you are talking about. Might be a good idea to remember that one. With the hot flashes, faulty memory, and wacko ideas lately, I think I can plead insanity and get off or at least a nice padded room with 3 squares and cable, so don't screw with me.)

So that's tonight's list, rant, what ever. To those who might cross my path and piss me off, expect to be told to piss off, bite me, or kiss a particular part of the anatomy. I am getting good, and creative, with that list of suggestions, so expect perhaps something new there.

Oh, by the way, just because I love you, does not mean I am not going to tell you to shove it.

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cuz » 5 years ago

sound's like a good list to me.