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Brought up Apr 13, 2013

Footwear and the Southern Girl

There are three kinds of Southern Girls. You have your Belles: prim, proper, that can make someone feel like they are on top of the world or the lowest life form on the planet with a single look, and a few choice words. You have the Redneck: loud, outrageous, who never holds much back. Then, there is the one in between: undecided, this one goes back and forth. The one thing these SGs have in common is that you never cross them. The Belle, she will crush you like a bug, and you won't see it coming, or even realize it right a way. The Redneck will yell, "Oh, hell no!" and nail you between the eyes. The Undecided, in between? Unpredictable, this one. You never know what she may do.

There are a few ways to tell these women apart, but the most obvious way is the shoes. the Belle will have the perfect shoe for any occasion. They will be in pristine condition, and at first glance look new or practically new. They take care of those shoes because appearance is the main thing.

The Redneck Girl will be wearing sneakers, flip flops or boots. They may be worn, battered, maybe even torn. Shoes are for covering the feet when it's cold, or bare foot isn't acceptable. They are not a fashion statement, as a real Redneck Girl doesn't give a damn about that crap. However, you can bet this girl has a pristine pair of Sunday Go To Meetin' shoes, maybe kept in the box they came in.

The Undecided? Well, she is all over the place. She will mostly have her sneakers, but it is not unusual to see her in something slightly more elegant, even if she is wearing jeans. The real give away on this one is that there my be an attempt at keeping what ever shoes she wears nice. And you can bet she has a pair of battered sneakers stashed for those messy tasks, or when her inner Redneck takes over.

Now, at a certain age, the Undecided, for the most part, decides... She has 3 choices. She can become the prim and proper. She can suddenly thing, "Oh, hell, no!" or even yell it, and let loose for good. Or, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... she just keeps on riding that fence, not sure which way to go, not quite brave enough to embrace one or the other.

Guess which one of these this ole gal fits???

More on footwear later...


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