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Brought up Apr 17, 2013

Mother Nature Can Bite Me

As any woman knows, the wrestling match between Father Time and Mother Nature is never a pretty sight. Yet, some of us keep egging it on. I did my part to thumb my nose at the both of them tonight... I recolored that pesky stripe that insists on making an appearance every so often. I am sorry, but I will not tolerate those silvery strands, thank you very much!

My days of scowling, and searching for those meddlesome strands began in high school, senior year. One day, as I was getting ready for school, carefully curling my hair after mousing and blow drying the hell out of it, I saw something twinkling at me. It was one, thin, silvery thread. I figured it had been something caught in my brush, deposited and glued by the mouse into my hair. I leaned in to get a good look in the mirror, Isolating it from the rest with growing horror. IT WAS GROWING OUT OF MY HEAD!!!! I was 18!! No way was I getting gray, let alone silver hair at 18, right? Ladies, you know what i did, right? Yanked the sucker, of course!!

I would find a stray silvery strand from time to time over the years, except for my college years, when I streaked my hair, and later when I began experimenting with color.

Okay, for a short while in college, I did have purple hair with a punk hair cut. Very briefly. Then, for a time I had dark brown, almost black hair. Once, I even had deep red. Mostly, I wore it streaked, though, until the time I was carrying my son, and made the mistake of asking my husband to pull the strands through the cap. I still say it was all his fault that I was suddenly completely platinum blond. I sat and cried for about thirty minutes, and then we went to an all night grocery store and found something to darken it a bit. Lasted about a week before it all washed out, and there I was, white headed for the duration, too scared to do anything else for fear it would fall out. There are photos of my reversed skunk look around here somewhere. I would burn them, but my grandmother and darlin' late aunt are in them.

I swore off hair coloring for a time. I stuck with my boring brown hair, with okay red highlights and some lightening in the sun. it got to the point where I barely noticed my hair at all during my long period of depression. Summers, I'd slap it into a ponytail. If we went somewhere, I usually just slid a plastic head band on. I didn't give a damn what I looked like.

Almost two years ago, that changed. I looked in the mirror, and there was this old woman looking back at me. Worse, I had more gray than my own mother. Now, I really don't care much for what the mirror shows me anyway. On a good day, I figure i have average looks. Not great, never beautiful, not really even pretty. I have had people disagree with that, and I just figure they are being nice, or need their eyes examined. On a bad day, I think I make those frigging 'Walking Dead' folk look good. Anyway, there isn't much I can do about it. I slap on some make up now and then, but it's like painting a pig's butt. No matter how you look at it, it's still a butt. The hair, however, I can do something about. What really nearly pushed me over the edge was my husband, I guess trying to say something nice, telling me he liked being married to a distinguished looking woman. You can imagine the language that popped out of my mouth at that!! MEN are distinguished with gray, not women!

I'm cheap, so I do the crap myself, always. I also try to do it these days when there is no chance of someone being home, just in case I screw something up and have to preform hairy carry, as in, it all falls out and I have to carry it to the trash. Anyway, I haven't colored it since my surgery, or, I think, the Gulf trip, and it was getting entirely too twinkly there in my part. Okay, it was beginning to look like frigging Christmas tinsel had fallen out of a tree and sprouted.

Tonight, well, let's just say I once again tried to get my hands in those one size fits no one gloves and once again said bye bye to the silver. I have yet to look at the results, though it has nearly air dried. Pray it doesn't look like I dipped my head in ink or something, okay?

Medium Golden Brown, my ass!!! It's much redder than usual...

Well, at least it didn't fall out, or turn white...

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cuz » 5 years ago

Harmones will make your color change mine at certain times of the month has a red tent to it and sometimes it is much lighter than other times. Instead of mood swings I have hair mood swings. Getting quiet a bit of natures highlights also.

Tha Punk » 5 years ago


Connie » 5 years ago

Ohhhh! Red is beautiful! So if you have a hint of red on top, you guessed it. Beautiful.