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Brought up Jul 7, 2013

Pranks and Old Grudges

For some reason, as a kid I was the butt of jokes and pranks. I guess being awkward and shy made me an easy target. To this day, I remember most of them, and sometimes they still make me cringe. Most of the time, though, I just think, those people had something going in their lives that was not what they wanted, and it was easier to pick on someone else to make themselves feel better. Then again, who knows, right? Some of it I laugh about these days, but some, if they crossed my path, I'd want to punch them.

Here's the sitch. I received a friend request on FB out of the blue. It was someone I didn't know. These days, I usually go to a person't page before okaying those. It was a guy, new on FB, with two friends so far, both on my list. I though nothing of it, and accepted it.

When I told my dear friend H (for lack of a nickname) about it, she dug up the old high school crap that one of those two 'friends' caused. H hasn't let go of that stuff. I sometimes think it has to do with the whole 'Glory Days' thing when we were young, and still had a chance to grab the world with both hands. Other times, I think she's a little immature or something. With this, I was thinking she was just paranoid. Now, I'm not so sure.

See, this particular FB 'friend' was a girl a year or two behind us in school. Being a very small school, gym class was usually a mixture of ages. She was in our class. For some reason, she liked to pick on me. She came from an odd family that was a mixture of nice kids and bullies, with at least 3 different last names. I am FB friends with several of the nice ones as well. Anyway, why this girl had it in for me is still a mystery. I guess it was just that I was the new kid. I know she stole my Class of '81 t shirt, because her brother, who was in our class, was wearing it a week after it disappeared from my gym clothes.

To be honest, I barely remembered her when this latest happened, and H reminded me of it all.

Anyway, this odd new 'friend.' When the first chat messages came, I told my husband. My kids were there, and everyone had an opinion. The boy said, "It's a bot." Okaaaay... I got a chuckle, and was a little flattered, but answered and let it go. I told H about it, and she said to watch out. If our former school tormentor was his friend, it could be she was doing something to jerk with me.

Why? I haven't set eyes on the woman in 30+ years. I haven't even spoken with her on chat, though I have a little with one or two of her sisters. Besides, we are adults now, right?

Then the messages got weirder. I think I have nipped it in the bud now, but I am leaving the guy on my list for the time being, just for the amusement factor. I have run a security scan on my computer, just in case.

Oh, here are the messages with some editing. Tell me what ya'll think is going on:

Hello pretty


Kandy Bell Mcguire

Uhmm, Hi?

Yeah how you doing angel ??



Hello Kandy ? How you doing today ?


Kandy Bell Mcguire

Fine. And you?


Am good can I know about you


Kandy Bell Mcguire

I'm 50 yrs old, married 26 yrs, swear like a sailor, and bitchy as hell. I have 2 grown kids, the youngest turning 21 this month.


I love you


Kandy Bell Mcguire



I love you I want you


Kandy Bell Mcguire

Did I mention I weigh (delete) lbs and am flat broke?

I haven't heard a word since. Either it's some shallow jerk, someone out to scam folks, or what ever.

Anyway, the photo is a handsome guy, with a shaved head. Sorry, pal, but I like hair on men! LOL! I guess I should be weirded out, but to be honest, I am almost hoping he comes back so I can toy with the idiot, with the husband or kids looking over my shoulder and laughing...

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cuz » 4 years ago

I agree with wee woman.....don't play with fire or you might get burnt. Delete this person and be done with it. You know also people get there FB pages stolen all the time. Just be careful.

wee woman » 4 years ago

Don't do it..... don't lower your maturity level. Don't rise to the bait. Just say sorry pal I'm married and tell him you're not playing his game... its easy to think you can get a little pay back but you will be hurting yourself and teaching your kids its OK to do this. You are better than this.