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Brought up Jun 24, 2013

Money, Money, Money..

I had that ABBA song running through my head this morning on my walk. Isn't it strange how a little piece of paper runs so many things? (I know it represents silver in a vault somewhere, Punk. I did take Econ in school)

The husband plays the lottery. I have tried to discourage it, but he never listens to me anyway, and it makes him happy.

We always play the What If game. Well, he does. I have just about given up on that, along with many other things. Still, once in a while, I indulge in those thoughts.

I know the first thing I would do is pay off every frigging bill remotely attached to me and mine. Then, a month on the beach, with out looking at a price tag on anything. At least one week of that would be completely alone, just to relax and do as little as possible, or anything I pleased. The rest, heck, I guess the rest of the bunch could come, but have to have a few days with the BFF on our own, too. The rest of the bunch includes her, and her bunch, and anyone else who wants to drive 8 hours down.

Then, I'd get a house somewhere of our very own. I already know where EXACTLY. Well, two places really. One is a place that has been for sale for a while now, near my old home in Alabama. The other is just an area, sort of half way between the BFF's place, and my old home. I would be in Alabama for the rest of my life if I had my way.

The rest of the money would then go into the bank

There would have to be vehicle purchases, of course. I would just get my trusty steed in top condition, but maybe buy some cute little gas miser, too. After all, as a woman of leisure at that point, I would be spending a lot of time running around going to bug my friends on a regular basis. HEHEHE!!

I would probably have to get a place on the beach because I doubt I would ever really want to leave.

It's fun to dream like that sometimes, but I live in the here and now. It would just be nice to get the bills paid on time, and have enough to buy some clothes that fit right now. Getting a bit tired of the baggy sweatpants... Never thought I'd ever say that.

Oh, and the job is still another two weeks off, due to big bosses coming for inspections and crap, but the boss lady said she hasn't forgotten me and needs the help. So, maybe my realistic dreams are close.


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