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Brought up Jun 22, 2013

Hoofin' Thoughts

I have several ideas to write about today, and it's a little difficult to narrow down to one. I may write two or three entries today as the time progresses.

My boy has made two trips to Huntsville, Alabama this week, and I am seriously jealous. Both times were for obsessions of his. The first was about a car. I may write about that at some future time. The other trip was a childhood obsession of his: Space and Flying. I guess every little boy dreams of flying or going into space. Until his late teens, the boy so wanted to fly. Yesterday, he was like ten year old bouncing and shouting 'Are we there yet?' as he left.

When he came home, he brought gifts for his sister and me. My very first thought was, aww how sweet of him. My second was, 'Dear Lord, don't let this start another collection. What was it? Remind me later.

I have these collections. Most of these little trinkets are from my dark days, and there is a reason for each collection, even if I have forgotten what the individual memory was that they represented.

I have a collection of toy VW Beetles. Most are tiny Match Box cars, but one is a nice big scale model, about a foot long, that my husband gave me. He used to bring those home to me often from the road. The story behind the Bugs? When I was a kid, one shining moment was going to the movies, with our neighbor's boy, on his birthday. His mom took all of the kids she could round up and fit in her car. We saw The Love Bug, and I fell in love with Herbie, the rascally little VW. This was pre computer, and not animated, folks. Speed McQueen has nothing on Herbie. Anyway, I still love those cars.

I collect key rings. I find ones I like, and if I have the cash, I buy them. I use the thing until it starts to show wear, then it usually gets put away. It has been a few years since I bought a new one, and the sparkly hippyish peace sign that holds my car key has lost most of its glitter. I have I don't know how many. One of my favorites was a gift from the BFF; a little multicolored tin box that says "Not one of the brightest crayons in the box, are we?" or something to that effect. (You know me too well, girlfriend!) The husband used to bring key rings home to me as well. I once wanted one from every state, but I think I only have around 30 of those. The reason for those? I just think their cool. Oh, I lied. I did buy a tiny flip flop on my trip, that says, 'Orange Beach,' but it hangs from my car's rear view mirror, not for regular use.

I have many kinds of figurines. Most of those I bought myself, over the years, though some have been gifts. I have a set of little pigs that just made me smile when I saw them in the store. I have a couple of tiny ballet dancers, some ducks, bells, and angels. I bought most of the angels during some of my darkest days. You figure that one out, and let me know what could be the story behind them. I have a theory, but I am keeping that to myself.

I have teddy bears. I started collecting those during my last stint in therapy, at my shrink's suggestion: Something comforting. The husband added to that one, as well as the kids over the years. My latest, the boy gave me for Valentine's Day. I have other stuffed animals, a couple dating back to my own baby hood. I also have a few dolls. I think part of the reason I started collecting the bears and such was partly to do with the shrink, and partly to do with the fact that when I was 12, it was decided I was too old for toys. In some ways, I guess I was. Older actually than a 12 year old should be. My shrink's idea, God love her, was to try and reclaim a bit of what I lost back then. It kind of makes sense, I guess. She also encouraged me to color in coloring books. Uh, okay...

Oh, and books. I have books out the whazoo.

My collections have stopped growing, more or less, except the books. (The Stephen Kings I want to be buried with so I can have a chat with that fella on the other side and be able to look up things and say, "What the heck?") They are mostly worthless to anyone but me. Still, most all of them have precious memories tied to them for me.

Oh, yeah! Thanks for reminding me! The boy, Bless his sweet heart, brought me home a silver spoon with this tiny colored picture of the Space Shuttle on the handle, and a tinier silver Shuttle that dangles in this circle below that one. My kid. You gotta love him, huh?

Lord, PLEASE don't let me become one of those old ladies that collects spoons! I have enough clutter as it is!


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