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Brought up Jun 15, 2013

Taunting Signs and TWO FREAKIN' MILES!!!

At this moment, part of me is swearing that I am dead, just too stupid to lay down. The rest of me is chuckling, Yeah, you WISH!!

I pushed through this morning, and walked 2 miles for the first time since the last day of December. When I walked to where I normally have been turning around, lately I could see that stop sign that has taunted me in the distance. My son says it is one mile from our house to that sign, and the past couple of months I have been looking at it and saying 'someday.' Someday was today.

Now, my knee was saying, 'Are you f-ing insane?' I answered, 'No, I don't think so, but the jury is still out on that one.' Another part of me whined, 'But it's hot out.' To which I replied, 'Not as hot as it was 2 days ago, you pansy.'

After that, I just kept going. It was not planned. I just saw that damned sign, and decided to try. That last half mile or so, my knee kept whimpering. The other parts were saying, 'See? It's gonna buckle any step now, you're gonna fall on this road and get squished by one of the yahoos whipping by.' I didn't even rise to the bait. I just kept going.

The last quarter mile, my knee backed off a bit on the pain, a sure sign that the walking might actually be GOOD for it. I pressed on, sweat rolling into my eyes, but oddly, feeling almost good.

Now, I am home. I would probably have barfed on the lawn if I had eaten before the walk, but I am feeling okay otherwise. TWO MILES!! Part of me was beginning to wonder if I would ever have the stamina to walk that far again.

I know now that I am going to get the rest of the weight off, barring any other crap cropping up to throw out road blocks. I'd really like to be able to yell, 100!! by the middle of July. 10 pounds to go to be where I was in October, 5 after that. We'll see...

The sign will taunt me no more. Instead, it will say, 'Good morning, Miz Kandy. How are we today?' And I will say, 'Hush it, or they are gonna stick me in a padded room, Mr Stop Sign.'

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wee woman » 5 years ago

Good for you. Just kick you inner whiny child in the shin and move you

cuz » 5 years ago

YEAHHHHH You can do this you already have it whipped because your mind is made up! So proud for you!