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Brought up Feb 19, 2013

Fried Pickles... YUM!!

It's been a very slow day. Both kids have been off doing heaven only knows what all afternoon and now into the evening. Talked with the husband a bit, but otherwise, I haven't said a word aloud all afternoon, until I got hungry. I wanted fried pickles in the worst way, and, unfortunately, only one place in town has them. actually, there may be one or two, but they expect you to come in and order a meal. So, it was off to Sonic. Of course, then I wanted something else. Off to McD's, which has the $1 tea.

Alright, now I am Southern, born and bred, and I only heard of fried pickles a few years back. Even then, I turned my nose up at them. I mean, come on, fried PICKLES?? I guess it's sort of a joke that if you dip it in batter and fry it, a Southerner will eat almost anything. I have heard of some strange things eaten that way. Still, that is where I differ. I have written it before: I am a picky eater. This past year, however, since it became my goal to try new things, I gave those pickles a try. I fell hopelessly in love with them.

The best I have ever had were the first ones I ever ate, so maybe that makes a difference. Cafe Mike's in Corinth, Ms. makes theirs with spears. They are wonderful. In fact, everything I've had at Mike's has been great. I love the place.

Sonic makes theirs with dill pickle chips. They are good, most of the time. The serving is just skimpy for the price. Still, there are just times I have to have the darned things. I only wish I had gotten two servings. What's the use in trying to lose weight, and sticking around a little longer, if you don't do what you enjoy sometimes?

Ah, and I do have a little bit of news on the oil pulling thing. I had some really disgusting stains on my back teeth, due to my slap dash tooth brushing, coffee, tea, and tobacco, I guess. Anyway, they are almost gone!! Well, there is a tiny line at the gum line. I am now tacking care to scrub well there, as well as attacking the backs of my bottom front teeth. HHHHHHHHHHHHHH... Okay, I'm flossing, too. GRRRRR... I swear, I think the plaque is shrinking. Not chipping off, like the one lady I read about online, but there has been a bit of grit now and then. I am slightly less skeptical, but only slightly.


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