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Brought up Feb 17, 2013

Pieces, and The Best of Me

First, to Anon... Thanks for reading.

A little afterword from a previous entry. I was reminded today. The reason Lent is 40 days, and the reason for sacrificing, or giving up some favorite thing during this time, is in observance of Christ's time in the wilderness. We are supposed to feel closer to Him during this time. I didn't mention it, but I have given up a few of my favorites, and am trying to study along with our Bishop's musings on the 'net. All of this is supposed to help us be more Christ like. So far, I do not feel even remotely holy. Most days, I am lucky just to feel like a good human being.

Anyway, the past two evenings, I have spent most of my time off the net, and reading. Since I've spent a lot of time reading things that are a little more thought provoking, sort of, this weekend, I chose something I figured would be light. Or, as I am known to say, sort of junk reading. (There was a time when I consumed 3 or 4 romance novels a week. Pathetic, I know.) So, I have lumped certain authors into that romantic, fluff, junk category. Big mistake on my part, sticking ALL of Nicholas Sparks' work in that bin. In two evenings, I devoured The Best of Me. It was given to me back in November, and I have put it off because, well, most of what I have read of his work has sort of become part of that tired old formula. Not this one.

I won't tell much, to prevent the Punk from his 'Spoiler' routine. It is a wonderful story of two kids from the opposite sides of the track. Yeah, they fall in love and then separate. Fast forward 20 some odd years. They meet for the first time in all those years for a funeral. They have different lives, but still love each other. There are more twists in this book than others of Mr Sparks' that I've read. I have decided, though I hated the end, it is probably my favorite of his. The characters are multifaceted, more real. And, for the first time in a while, I closed it sobbing my heart out. I highly recommend it.

Now, I am on day 3 of the oil pulling thing. Honestly, I do think a tiny, minute bit of my plaque problem has actually started disappearing. I am going to keep it up, at least til I run out of the oil stuff. I think I will do a little shopping for the spearmint or peppermint essential oils, though. Maybe it will make the stuff taste better. I am getting used to it pretty quick. Only gagged a couple of times, when I think I had a little too much, and the saliva thing kicked in. It's still gross, but if it works, I can handle it. I really haven't noticed any whitening, but it has only been 3 days. Also, I have fairly thick enameled teeth, which makes them, even after a thorough cleaning, not exactly white. My gums do feel nice, and this morning, I drank straight, icy cold water with little discomfort. I have one tooth that aches like crazy with the cold, and it didn't hurt at all. Maybe there's something to this oil thing. We'll see. TTFN


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