How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Feb 24, 2013


I read Micheal Crichton's Next this week, and was pleasantly surprised. Unlike most folks, I wasn't a big fan Of Jurassic Park, the movie. It just sort of freaks me out, the idea of scientists messing around, playing God, and bringing back extinct animals. Next is about scientists, and big business, trying to own genes. It is also about taking those genes and manipulating the DNA of animals, and people. It got me wondering, just how far would some go in the name of science.

I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of characters, and situations, but they all come together toward the end. I won't give away anything else, just in case you want to read it. Also, the Punk is reading it, and always scolds me for when I get ahead of him, and give away stuff.(I got called a buzzard last night when I told him I finished it.) I will tell you this. Dave, Gerard, and Alex are my favorite characters. Many of the rest are either idiots, wennies, or scumbags. Though, I did like how Lynn's maternal instincts took over, and I liked Henry's integrity involving Dave. You just have to read it.

I am going to have to check out more of Crichton's work now. Next is fast paced, once you get past all the scientific stuff, and a fun read. Still, it makes a person wonder. Just what do they do with the stuff they take out of people? I was wondering that after my surgery. I'm sure they just burned the things they took out once they did their tests. I don't have any genetic quirks, that I know of. Still, I might need to watch out for black Hummers... LOL!!


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