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Brought up Feb 23, 2013

A Jumbled Week

It's been a few days. This week has been a little hinky. I think it was a combo of stress and cutting calories, tossing in my 'given up for lent' thing. the blood sugar has been low, as well as my protein intake going way low. I've been fuzzy headed on a good day, slightly crazy feeling on the bad days. And, one day, a OD of coffee. There was a time I could guzzle two pots a day with out even noticing, but that day, boy, what a mess I was. I think, now, it's probably the hormone levels going wacko, too. I haven't had a noticed hot flash or night sweat since the surgery.

I was think about it all on my walk this morning. I weighed before I got dressed, and I am telling ya, that thing must be messed up. According to it, I dropped 5 pounds this week. No way. I think my not eating much during the day has me messed up most of all. So, starting today, I am going to try and eat more often, just watching what I eat. I definitely need to find more protein sources. I can not wait for lent to be over, and I can go back to my usual. Until then, I guess I will have to buy more peanut butter. It's a matter of finding some way to balance things, that's all.

I just can not handle being fuzzy headed. I hate it, the not being able to really think straight. It makes it hard to string words together into something remotely intelligent.

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Connie » 5 years ago

Kandy Girl,

You shouldn't be cutting out foods or meals, not now. Not after surgery...You have to build up yourself again. EAT!