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Brought up Feb 12, 2013

Light a Penny Candle...

Cuz, I blogged about a family issue of which I had no business making my opinion public. Let's leave it at that. It doesn't matter.

Today, my heart is aching. In the midst of the excitement of my trip plans last summer, all the worries I had, I missed some news that I just found today. July 30, 2012, one of the best authors of our day, in my opinion, passed. Maeve Binchy. I have read almost all of her books, and own copies of nearly all I have read. Some, like Circle of Friends and Light a Penny Candle, I have lost myself inside them for hours more than once. Her books give a picture of her beautiful country, past and present day, in such a way, I sometimes look up and expect to be there.

I wept this afternoon. I still am teary. I want to read her last book so much, but will put it off for a bit. I can't bear the thought that it is her last. Knowing such a story teller left the world with out even making the year end list of celebrity losses makes me even sadder. Then again, so many leave us like that, and the most world doesn't notice.

I know, I never met Ms Binchy, but it was a dream of mine. I wanted to tell her how wonderful her books are, how much I have learned from her work. I had hoped to at least get her to sign one of her books for me. None of that will happen now. There will be no new, wonderful strolls, in my mind, down those Irish roads, through those little villages, hearing her words with an Irish lilt. I can reread all that I have of her books, but now, in my mind, it isn't the same. There are no more new tales from such a brilliant lady. I feel like I have lost a dear friend, and no one bothered to tell me. Silly, I know. Still, my heart aches.


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