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Brought up Feb 10, 2013

Sunday, Rainy Sunday...

Another Sunday... We're expecting storms all day. (Sorry, my prediction was off, Punk) There were only sprinkles as I drove myself to church, alone, this morning. It was wonderful to get there at my time, early enough to help frost mini red velvet cupcakes for coffee hour and a bake sale to help raise funds for a Mobile Alabama church that was struck by a tornado on Christmas Day. It was wonderful to spend time with my church family. I never get tired of hugs. The Cajun had his last treatment this week, and it knocked him flat, much to his disgust. He was feeling too bad for church, but his darling lady filled me in a bit. I hugged her extra hard and told her to give it to him from me. I missed hearing his voice singing in the choir.

It still humbles me how these folk seem to care for me. We have a bunch of kindhearted, sweet people there. I smiled, thanked them for their prayers, good wishes, and sweet compliments. Fabulous what 30 minutes and two pounds of makeup can do, huh? I wouldn't dare have them see the circles under my eyes, nor how pale I am. I need sunshine.

The pain is mainly twinges that make their presence known if I move wrong, or too quickly, but it has subsided a lot. This morning, after my shower, it was almost nonexistent, during the drive, and during the service. Then moron, forgetting to move slowly, jerked around to grab her purse off the pew, and it hit, just for a second, full force. I sucked in a breath through clinched teeth, stifling a swear word for fear of being struck by lightening, and waited until it was gone. Well, mostly. It's a tiny thing now, just enough to remind me it exists. The nurse wasn't joking that it could take a long time to be completely pain free. But, man, it's been almost 6 danged weeks...

The drive home was all rain, some of it hard. I thought I might have to pull over at one point, but it slacked. My mood matched it well. I can fool most of the folks with a smile, but today I am a bit melancholy. I don't like rainy days where the temps drop and the thunder rolls. It just makes me want to crawl back in bed and sleep til it's over. Not much luck of that, as they are predicting it will last through tomorrow, with more February like temps. Makes my hands ache.

Neither brat even missed me. I don't think either did more than roll over while I was gone. The girl was supposed to go with, but she worked all night, and after a little whining and even bribery didn't keep her awake, I said heck with it. The main concern about my driving was the meds anyway, and I've gone almost 3 weeks with out the pain pills. The twinges are nothing compared to cramps and other such crap I dealt with med free for nearly 40 years. Heck, I'm cancer free... a little pain is nothing when I can hear and remember those gorgeous words. Even the hands aching, the joints a little slow, is nothing. With the Big C gone, I can handle any pain the old bod throws at me, and even the emotional pain from outside it. I. Am. Cancer. Free... I can handle anything. Still, hearing Soul Astlum doing Runaway Train fit my mood... "Seems like I should be getting somewhere. Some how I'm neither here nor there..."


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